Machine tool industry rebound is unclear energy recovery equipment or into the power tool industry

The first two months, a machine tool industry optimistic to the “China Energy Report,” told reporters that the construction machinery and other products by downstream demand pull, the machine tool industry is showing signs of warming trend. But now, to judge the prospects of the machine tool industry has undergone no small change. Analysts noted that with the shift of domestic macroeconomic policies, a number of strong cycle varieties such as engineering machinery, machine tools for some time may face declining demand risks, the recovery of the machine tool industry trend or early termination. In this situation, energy equipment, pull effect on the machine tool industry will become more apparent. Machine tool industry has not completely bottomed out

According to data from China Machinery Industry Federation, this year the first 3 months, the machinery industry grew 43.48%, chain growth rate dropped about 3 percentage points; exports grew 25.56 percent, the chain raise the growth rate of about 6.5 percentage points.

National security machinery industry analyst Fu Choi Ha said the machine tool industry’s recovery may be terminated prematurely. According to her research, sales output value of machine tool industry grew 41.38%, chain growth rate increased by about 3.8 percentage points; exports grew 23.78 percent, down the chain growth rate of about 2 percentage points. “We had been concerned about the economic recovery in 2009, the policy intervention imprinted too, if the policy shift, the compression machine tool industry’s recovery time, for now we are coming true.” Meet Choi Ha said.

The same time, analysts believe that the machine tool industry at the bottom of the economic cycle is still running, the whole industry can hardly be reversed. Despite the end of 2008, China’s response to the financial crisis has had a positive fiscal policy and loose monetary policy, speed up infrastructure construction, promote industrial upgrading, but the machine tool industry, as foreign markets continued to deteriorate, partly offset by the domestic recovery brought the industry growth, coupled with a higher proportion of low-end product, the product less competitive, in 2010 the industry as a whole is very difficult to reverse. At the same time, the rapid development of the energy industry, driving demand for energy equipment, is expected to recover for the machine tool industry into the tonic.

Strong demand for energy equipment on the machine

It is understood that large-scale energy generation, power transmission equipment, large-scale petrochemical and coal chemical devices require a large number of heavy, precision, multi-axis, high efficiency, special machine tools for manufacturing. A heavy, double, Kazakhstan and electric energy equipment companies, many of the key components have their own large-scale production of high-end products have great demand for machine tools.

According to the China Association of Machine Tool Industry stakeholders description, electrical equipment manufacturing requirements of CNC machine tools is shown in the thermal power and nuclear power in the turbine cylinder, turbine rotors and blades; generator stator and rotor; nuclear heat exchangers, and orifice; generator stator and rotor base need heavy-duty machining.

Benefit from the power grid investment is growing, the next few years the power equipment industry will continue to maintain a rapid growth rate, the power equipment industry in 2010 will maintain a growth rate of 20%. With the development of electrical equipment, power generation capacity increases, will drive the heavy-duty CNC gantry milling machine, heavy-duty CNC vertical lathe, CNC horizontal lathe heavy, leaf-specific root groove milling machine, CNC machining equipment in leaves of heavy machine tools and demand for ultra heavy-duty machine tools.

In addition, the power equipment companies are intensity of technological transformation, adding a large heavy equipment dedicated milling machine, boring bar diameter of 250 mm for more than a large CNC Floor Boring and Milling Machine, CNC machining diameter of 16 meters of heavy vertical lathe and other products have more great demand. Gear box, bearing the design and production with foreign advanced level greater than the gap, fan bearings, control system and other key components need to be imported from abroad. And one of the key factors constraining our manufacturing processes and processing equipment is relatively backward.

Energy equipment to promote the machine tool industry restructuring

In fact, the machine tool industry and the interdependence of the energy equipment industry. On the one hand, machine tool equipment manufacturers as a “machine tool”, is the energy equipment manufacturing industry to upgrade basic security. On the other hand, the energy equipment industry is on the machine tool industry has a strong stimulating effect, can help speed machine tool industry rebound.

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