Long Lasting Power: Ryobi Power Tool Battery

Ryobi power tool parts are made to last, and nothing less than the best goes into the Ryobi power tool batteries. These batteries are made to run for long periods of time without having to be charged. The Ryobi power tool battery can be bought in a kit with the charger or it can be bought separately, depending on the needs of the individual. There are different batteries to meet the different needs of the individual buying it, ranging from the twelve volt to the eighteen volt batteries.

Types and Qualities

The Ryobi power tool battery that is the 12V lithium-ion is one of the best because it is so lightweight. One of the drawbacks to using the battery powered tools is that the individual has to be able to manage the weight of the battery as well as the weight of the tool when working. With a cord-based tool, the individual has to deal with the awkwardness of the power cord, but he also only has a tool that is lightweight since there is not a battery also. The Ryobi power tool 12V battery is made to be about sixty percent lighter than the other batteries on the market that are similar. It is also about forty percent more compact than the other batteries, making it easier to handle. One drawback to the battery is that it is made only for the ONE+ 12V power tools that Ryobi has created, so that it will not work with the tools that are ONE+ 18V. Individuals need to be certain what the battery requirements are of their tools so that they can get the right Ryobi power tool battery when they come into the store or order online.

Another type of Ryobi power tool battery is the 18V ONE+. This battery adds a longer life to the running of the tools that can use this type of battery. It has a full capacity so that it can provide an extended run time, differing from the other 18V batteries that they have. This battery will work with all the 18V chargers that Ryobi offers, so that the individual will not have to buy a different charger in order to use this particular battery. It is also compatible with all of the products that Ryobi sells that use the 18V batteries, thus giving extra usage time to the tools that use 18V batteries with this extended life ONE+ battery.

One other type of Ryobi power tool battery is the 18V ONE+ Lithium-Ion battery which is rated to have two times the run time of even the 18V ONE+ and is also about twenty percent lighter than the other battery, thus making it easier to handle.

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