Leo New Moon in Conjunction with the Sun with Opposition Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune (August 20, 2009)

Another Super Moon, the fourth out of Five this year! The Moon is closest to the earth which is called perigee and the New Moon phase will intensify the gravitational pull on ocean tides and tectonic plates. And of course our emotional receptivity will be tuned up as well! As we have discussed before; the Moon is reflecting our emotional filter and perception towards the world. And the Full Moon and the New Moon are special because they are still points of change in direction and speed, a moment to take a breath and reorient ourselves.

New Moon

Each New Moon provides us with a new beginning of a new cycle, a clean slate to start from. There is a little magic in these turning points of the New Moon and the Full Moon as there is in the Solstice and the Equinox. These are universal rhythms which remind me of our breathing. When we breathe in we supply the body with fresh oxygen and life force, then there is a moment of stillness before we breathe out, releasing the old and stagnant, then another still point and the cycle resumes.

For me astrology is just a wonderful way to find my place in these magnificent universal cycles and gain understanding in how to apply the wisdom found within it.

There are the short cycles of the Moon waxing and waning and there are the longer cycles of the Sun moving through the year. Each station in a different sign is describing a specific universal quality available in that moment in time.

You could say the cycle of the Moon through the zodiac is an indicator of the emotional imprint and the cycle of the Sun is how consciousness and life in general is impacted.

Sun/Moon in Leo and the Story of King Arthur

The sign of the Leo is a sign of courage, stepping up to challenges, taking leadership and the quest for the lionhearted towards the grail. The grail in the story of King Arthur is the symbol for waking up to his true divine nature, becoming enlightened if you will.

The movie The Excalibur is telling us the story of the quest for what ails the country and the king. The solution and answer is found by one of the knights in the form of the grail at the bottom of a river. Water always has been a symbol for our unconsciousness and is ruled by the Moon. When Lancelot brings the grail to the King and he tells him: “The King and the land is one!” And the king is healed from the sickness that ailed him. This message of oneness as our true nature is the potential of this Sun / Moon constellation.

We are living in truly unprecedented times of change and with the potential of a leaping to a higher level of consciousness and the inner experience beyond doubt of our connectedness and oneness not only as a species but with all forms consciousness takes.

Sun/Moon Opposition to Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune

This alliance is showing us the way towards the Aquarian Age and might be one of the milestones in getting there. The Aquarian Age is thought as the time in our human evolution where the principles of equality, diversity, peace, freedom and abundance for all become reality. I grant you we are far from it yet, but I believe that this constellation is setting the stage for the unfolding of it.

Add the Pluto is Capricorn to the mix and you can see what I mean. Pluto is the one who is destroying the old, rigid, no longer serving order and structures of society.

Jupiter is looking for new and better ways to expand, learn and a deeper meaning in our humanness. Chiron is involved in showing us our individual weak points and wounds we need healing for to step forward into the new without old baggage. Neptune is the dreamer of possibilities and knows about oneness and revels in the connection with the divine.

The activated Leo/ Aquarian axis is creating awareness for our dreams, goals and visions for a better life for all and the willingness to start where we are, doing what we can do, and contributing the morphogenetic field with who we are.

Aquarius is the 11th Sign in the Zodiac

Aquarius is the second to the last sign in the archetypical wheel of the zodiac, which is symbolizing evolution and growth on all levels of existence. One circle of learning is almost coming to an end. Therefore they feel a deep inner connection to humankind and love to contribute but on their own terms.

The sign of Aquarius is opposite and complementary of the sign of Leo and is opposing the king or the ruling forces in society. They carry the responsibility for change for the better and shaking up the status quo.

You could say that this is the time we have been waiting for!

Living on a planet where separation, power and greed are still very dominant factors for decisions on a personal or national level and between nations; many of us have those desires for peace, freedom, equal human rights and a true change in human interactions. The election of Obama as President has sprung from the hope for better days, better decisions in politics and a deep longing for change for the better, for true idealism and accountability. “We can do it!”

Astrology, Awareness and Hope

Using your mind the right way by focusing onto your hopes and dreams is applying the Law of Attraction and is in your own power to do so!

Astrology can be one of your most powerful tools for raising your consciousness and holding onto hope. In times of despair and confusion, when you cannot see any possible way forward, astrology can provide you with the insights you need to understand your situation and make effective choices to move forward. When you are aware of the forces, both internal and external, that are impacting your life, you are empowered to make the right action choices. Hope plus awareness and conscious choice is a powerful equation for solving problems!

Other Planetary Potentials

We can invoke Uranus in Pisces for inspiration, Saturn and Mercury in Virgo for practical solutions and attention to details, Mars in Gemini for courage and intelligent action and Pluto in Capricorn for facing our fear and doing what needs to be done anyway!

Each one of us can be a part of the solution and evolutionary journey we are all on. You are important in the choices you make, the contribution you are as being part of the solution and not the problem. Find time to reflect on our innermost dreams, your inner longings, and your “bucket list”. Find a place where you can contribute to your community be a force for good! Reflect on your special gifts you have to offer…

If you like my astrological musings I invite you to find out more on my Astrological Signs Weather Report & Healing Gems Blog for a regular update on the universal flow in the heavens. In my book Jewelry and Gems for Self-Discovery: Choosing Gemstones that Delight the Eyes & Strengthen the Soul I teach you about astrology and how to read your own chart. If you know where your challenges are, you can then take steps to support or balance yourself with gemstones, if that is something that appeals to you.

Aloha and many blessings, Shakti.

Shakti Carola Navran: astrologer, jeweler and author

Shakti Carola Navran is originally from Germany, living in Maui, Hawaii, is a professional jeweler, astrologer and author with a lifelong spiritual journey; she has been crafting personalized Soul Jewelry since 1977.
In her book Jewelry and Gems for Self-Discovery: Choosing Gemstones that Delight the Eyes & Strengthen the Soul she teaches you about how to read your personal horoscope and blue print for your life. Then you will be able to balance yourself in your most important areas with your 12 main healing gemstones, you could call your true birthstones.
Jewelry and Gems for Self-Discovery is a treasure chest of ideas on how to select, purchase, and wear jewelry that will enhance your body, heart, mind, and soul. Find out more about it on her website http://www.JewelryandGemsforSelfdiscovery.com and see her astrological weather report at http://www.jewelryandgemsforselfdiscovery.com/blog/ .

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