Learn How to Choose Between Battery and Electric Power Tools

1. Know that the biggest advantage to a cordless rechargeable or battery operated drill is that you have no cord. That sounds easy, doesn’t it? What it means is that you can take it anywhere, even where there are no outlets or when the power is shut off.

2. A second advantage is in safety. There’s no cords to trip over so these are nice when several people are working together or when kids are around.

3. Know that there are also disadvantages with cordless power tools. The most important one is that the batteries or the charge for a rechargeable model has a built in time limit. You can work just so long and then it shuts down. The batteries can be replaced immediately but they can run into money.The charge is free but it takes an available power outlet and time.

4. Ask yourself how and for how long you’re going to use your tools. If you’re going to be building a backyard shed, you don’t want to replace batteries or stop to recharge when you’re working.

5. If you will only use it for an occasional fix up job around the house, a rechargeable one will probably suit you best. You won’t ever have to buy batteries, which do die from sitting around, and it will last for years.

6. If you’re a person who’s always piddling and will be using it all the time–even for small things–you may want to invest in an electric tool. Having one ready and waiting with no wait time would be a great advantage for constant little jobs as well.

7. With a little time and thought, you can buy the tool that’s just right for your needs and save yourself money and aggravation down the line.

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