Kreg K3MS K3 Master Pocket Hole Jig System

I bought the Kreg K3MS Master System based on other reviews on Amazon and because of the revisions Kreg made to the system (chip collection and front clamp handle). I just finished building a mission style media cabinet and I made all the joints with the Kreg pocket hole system. Overall, I’m very pleased with both the final product and the Kreg K3MS Master System. The prospect of using pocket screws to connect the face frame components and to attach the major pieces together (rather than mortise and tenon or tongue and groove systems)gave me the confidence to attack a big furniture project. Kreg’s pocket hole system is not only easy to use, but well thought out. It seems better designed and engineered than some of the piecemeal products on the market (like Rockler and CMT, although I love other products from those companies!). Not only does the Kreg K3MS system make it easy to set up for any thickness of wood, it also makes it easy figuring out where to put the collar on the drill bit for proper hole depth. The Kreg K3MS holds your part securely and the dust/ship collector system works like a charm. The only part of the kit that I’m still not satisfied with is the clamp. At times, edge joined wood sections (like a rail and stile on a door) were not held tight enough to prevent movement during the screwing operation. In addition, after fastening the two pieces, I sometimes found that the faces of the boards were not perfectly flat – something I counted on the C-clamp doing for me. I solved the problem somewhat by using bar clamps to hold the pieces together side to side while the Kreg clamp held them on even plane. That’s the only complaint I have. Maybe I just haven’t screwed the clamp tight enough, but it’s difficult to unclamp as it is. I recommend checking twice before screwing once because once the self-tapping screws go in, it is difficult to take them out and make small adjustments. The screws want to go back into the old holes, naturally. I bought the Kreg screws recommended for oak (1 1/4″ fine thread) and they worked perfectly. Nice tight joints, even without glue. Using a little glue is probably better, but not too much or it will get messy, with the face clamp in place.

One note I used Kreg’s oak pocket hole plugs to fill the pocket holes on the back side of the doors, since they would be visible when they were open. I found the plugs to fit better after trimming 1/4″ off the tail end with my bandsaw. Otherwise they would have protruded from the surface 1/4″ and that would have required a LOT of sanding! After staining, they look pretty good — little ovals at each of the joints.

I have recommended Kreg K3MS system to my woodworking friends and I recommend it to you. Don’t settle for any of the smaller Kreg models to start out. Go with this one from the beginning. You’ll be glad you did.

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