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Machine in use not only energy consumption but also to produce a solid, liquid and gas waste, work environment and the natural environment pollution, directly or indirectly. From the entire machine life cycle look, how to reduce the environmental impact of green machines have become a research focus. Green machine should have the following characteristics:
1) machine tool components from the recycled materials.
2) Machine weight and size reduction of 50%.
3) by reducing the moving mass, power and other measures to reduce air operation to reduce power consumption of 30 to 40%.
4) Use a variety of waste reduction process 50 to 60%, to ensure no pollution of the basic work environment.
5) After the machine tool scrap material 100% recyclable.
2.1 Energy Weight Loss
According to statistics, machine tool, the process used to cut metal power only 25% of all accounts for most of the loss. Green machine by the first measure is a significant reduction in machine weight and reduce the power required to build eco-efficient machine (Eco-efficient Machine). A green machine brand new concept: a substantial reduction of weight machines, saving materials; while reducing energy consumption during machine use.
The traditional machine design is “just enough stiffness to ensure precision, must be increased to improve rigidity of machine weight.” Therefore, the existing 80% of the weight machine for the “guarantee” the stiffness of machine tools, while only 20% to meet the needs of machine tool kinematics. So much room for optimization of the machine structure. Achieve this goal is through the introduction of new structures and new materials both.
2.2 MQL reduction
Machine tools in the process of lubricating coolant is harmful emissions, especially when used in emulsion grinding on the environment and health of workers is very harmful. Therefore, the substantial reduction in the use and emissions of the cooling liquid is green machine’s basic features. Way to achieve this goal the following two aspects:
1) dry cutting, do not use coolant. Need machine has sufficient rigidity and sharp knives, only relatively simple processing of some shape milling and turning processes.
2) micro-lubrication (MQL). MQL broader scope of application can be used for a variety of processing methods, but requires special equipment to provide aerosol or cold air (cold air), and special lubricants.
Tool Efficiency 2.3
The productivity of the machine to tip on. Advanced tool, select a reasonable tool geometry and cutting parameters, can significantly improve the cutting efficiency and reduce the power required for the cutting process, extend tool life, so as to achieve with less resource consumption for a larger output purposes.
2.4 The value-added recycling
Metal cutting machine tools in the process of chip is the major solid waste. The traditional method is to sell it as scrap to the recycling unit, the social waste cycle. Jiangsu Yang Li Group in the enterprise every year thousands of tons of scrap iron and steel scrap through sorting, briquetting, ingredients, melting of high quality cast iron pieces, turning waste into wealth, such as the press crankshaft made of and other key parts.
3. Smart processing system
If the green machine vision is environmentally friendly, then the goal is to intelligent machine tool user-friendly. “User friendly” is the meaning of substantial increase in work efficiency and more comfort and safety. This requires the machine to self-manage their own, which can automatically identify processing task and processing conditions, with little or no need for manual intervention, and can communicate with the operator in time, become “wise up” to open up a new era of CNC machine tools.
Machine in the process inevitably will produce a variety of error monitoring and compensation need to adopt modern technology to further enhance machine performance and communication capabilities. In 2005, the National Institute of Standards and Technology that “intelligent manufacturing system” (Smart Machining System) research program.
Five smart processing system are:
1) Dynamic Optimization. The relevant knowledge of processes and equipment to be integrated to model after, for the dynamic performance optimization.
2) The device characterization. Development of measurement methods to characterize, model and standards, and operating conditions on the machine performance measurement and communication.
3) The use of next-generation CNC system. STEP-NC compatible with the interface and data format, so the machine control based on CAD model can be run seamlessly.
4) The condition monitoring and reliability, development of measurement, sensing and analysis.
5) direct measurement of the processing tool wear and workpiece precision.

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