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A Dramatic Improvement

By Stanley R. Tucker Jr.

I have owned all three Kindles now and believe there has been a wonderful evolution from a interesting concept to a powerful tool with great potential to change reading across the world. The Kindle 2 was a step up over the original Kindle, but the Kindle DX is a transformational change that brings textbook and business use into the realm of possibility.

The size of the Kindle DX, its much improved button placement and the ability to use PDF files moves the Kindle from a reading toy to full fledged reading tool.

The challenge now is for Amazon to convince America’s textbook publishers that they have a system that can protect publishing rights. When they do a whole new world will be open to our students.


Amazon Kindle DX Nice but for the price

By Andrew T. Schnable

The Kindle DX is my first ebook reader. My overall impression is favorable. I love that it handles pdfs natively. It is a great complement to my iphone kindle reader – I use the iphone while on the go, and the Kindle DX typically stays home next to my comfy reading chair. I find the design sleek and the screen is very easy to read.

On the downside is the price. And you really do need to get a cover for the unit – and you have to pay extra for that. The reader is a tad heavy and it seems to bite into my palm after a while, although this is quite a bit better now I have the cover which cushions my grip. I suppose it would be nice to have buttons on the left, but I would REALLY like the space bar to work as a next page button when in landscape mode – and they could fix that with software.



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