Jiangsu: Ipr Strategy In 2009 Harvest Results

“The strategic priority to the development of new industries into the location.” Jiangsu Province, in the just-concluded economic work meeting, the focus on the development of innovation-based economy, speed up transformation and upgrading of new advantages into the future, Jiangsu important and urgent strategic task.

A year ago this time, the Jiangsu provincial government document issued to the 1st history of the province’s first outline of a document on intellectual property?? “Jiangsu Provincial Intellectual Property Strategy Outline.”

Training with independent intellectual property core competitiveness is becoming the new round of competition in Jiangsu seize the opportunity, seize the initiative, seize the high ground of the “accelerator.”

Intellectual property rights into the main battlefield of economic development

Resources in the fight, the rapid expansion of price-cutting will be able to make money in the era of large, kinetic energy is an important development: intellectual property rights?? Ignored by many businesses. Ongoing R & D is not only affordable for many businesses, and even that tied the hands and feet of development.

In the era of economic integration has taken the factory gate or the door to go abroad. Intellectual property creation, utilization, protection and management, represented a new form of international trade protection, has a profound impact on the eastern coastal provinces of Jiangsu and so on.

According to incomplete statistics, in recent years, Jiangsu companies trade only in the United States was “337” investigation have been 13 cases, of which 11 cases involving patent infringement, involving more than 20 enterprises, involving up to 164 million U.S. dollars.

The tightening in domestic and international economic environment, situation, excellent in stronger, weaker forced poor. Last year a financial crisis sweeping the globe, many manufacturing enterprises and the restructuring has not yet self-help, they were ruthlessly eliminated.

Enhanced international constraints, market competition, forming a powerful creative Forced mechanism. Jiangsu levels of government and many businesses are lessons to reflect on the introduction of a large number of foreign equipment, while intellectual property rights is also on a higher level? Rapid expansion in corporate size, while the innovative business concept, strategic awareness is gradually becoming more mature?

Now, Jiangsu Party and government leaders at all levels have reached a consensus: the reform and opening up, has appeared in Jiangsu economic transformation of the Second World War. At present, the Jiangsu economy is in a major transformation and upgrade of the third stage, which is to develop innovation-based economy.

At present, Jiangsu has been proposed to focus on fostering and development of new energy, new materials, new medicine, environmental protection, software and service outsourcing, the new sensor network six new industry, a common feature of these industries is very intensive intellectual property. The development of innovation-based economy is tantamount to intellectual property rights into the main battlefield of economic development.

At this point, we re-Review of last year’s “No. 1 Document”, which the far-reaching self-evident.

Independent innovation of enterprises stand to the “front”

“We are very successful transition, and now own a very high market share brand in North America.” Suzhou Bao Yang Machinery Co., Ltd. The total time was told.

In 1994, when Bao was mechanical or an electrical tool export trading company, can do OEM for foreign OEM. Since 2004, the company began to implement innovation-oriented intellectual property brand strategy. R & D investment each year 7,000 million yuan, nearly three years, more than 180 patents each year developing new products in the world has more than 1400 pieces of the patent. “We not only invest in research and development on the proportion of large, have to live with other companies do not want to endure the loneliness.” General Yang said.

However, when the first to explore the Po transition may have tasted the sweetness of the financial crisis, only the first half of last year, sales rose 10% to more than sales of own brand WORX even with Bosch, Black & Decker power tools and other world famous brands equally matched, and My tool industry average over the same period decreased by 20% to 30%.

Lack of independent intellectual property rights from the past, to gradually form a core competence, a constantly lengthening the “short board” is climbing the value chain into high-end manufacturing in Jiangsu powerful “springboard.” Piece from the “short board” transformed into a “springboard” for a magical board, is intellectual property.

In recent years, through the great efforts of government departments at all levels, Jiangsu has firmly become one of the “patent province,” the ranks of the main output indicators of intellectual property, intellectual property creation, utilization, protection and management has led the nation for the whole provincial scientific and technological progress, optimize and upgrade industrial structure and development mode and made important contributions. 2009 1? November, the province of patent applications reached 144,863, an increase of 35.37 percent year on year; province patents reached 74,843, an increase of 85.04 percent year on year; 1? November, the province’s invention patent applications reached 25,753, an increase of 40.19%.

Meanwhile, a large number of companies stand to the independent innovation of the “front” has increasingly become the subject patent to create and rely on intellectual property rights to play the market has become an important business development strategy selection. According to preliminary statistics, in 2009 one? In November, the province’s corporate patent applications 66,116, up 30.47 percent; business volume of 40,120 patents, up 85.07 percent; patent large emerging. According to incomplete statistics, 1? November the province of patent applications more than 100 130 enterprises, of which two companies more than 500.

Province, city and county jointly Intellectual Property from the “great article”

Nurture innovation-based economy in the process of development, intellectual property rights not only for personal or business interests, and has been closely linked and industrial development.

To speed up industrial restructuring and upgrading, to further improve the overall quality of the industrial economy and ability to withstand risks, in May 2009, the Jiangsu provincial government in a timely manner formulated “on accelerating the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure adjustment and the implementation of the views of” clearly established fixed R & D investment, corporate patent applications, granting, industrial science and technology to the provincial brand product sales revenue over a number of technological innovation and intellectual property around the target, and with the party and government cadres linked to the annual assessment work. People’s Congress of Jiangsu Province, also in May 2009 passed the “Regulations of Jiangsu Province to promote the patent,” and was officially implemented on October 1.

Meanwhile, all localities and departments work together to promote the implementation of IPR strategy outline the work of pattern shape. Suzhou first introduced the “implementation” Nationalism Intellectual Property Strategy Outline> accelerate the construction of several views of intellectual property Heights “; Xuzhou also released” Intellectual Property Strategy Outline Xuzhou “; Zhenjiang City issued a” work on strengthening the intellectual property guidance “; Huai’an released” vigorously promote the implementation of the strategy of intellectual property advice. ” In addition, seven provincial cities and some counties (cities, districts) have launched the preparation of local intellectual property strategy outline.

Enterprises intellectual property creation, utilization, protection and management of the subject. In recent years, Jiangsu vigorously promoted technological innovation and intellectual property rights, the organic integration of intellectual property focuses on fostering leading enterprises, and actively guide enterprises to use the knowledge of the market value and competitive advantage, into real productivity, market competitiveness and cultural soft power. Provincial government to “break through” requirement, will nurture intellectual property rights and its own brand as the primary task and the core objectives, to play the guiding role of science and technology program, set the mandatory threshold, such as science and technology projects for pre-patent review, major science and technology industrialization projects must have a core technology with independent intellectual property rights, and the establishment of statistical monitoring system to guide and encourage more enterprises to realize the advantages of technological innovation accelerated development of new industries.

In 2009, Jiangsu focus on fostering with independent intellectual property rights and core competitiveness of enterprises with 200, the basic medium and large enterprises have a patent, with independent intellectual property rights and own-brand sales account for sales of industrial enterprises above designated size reached 35, the proportion of %, is expected to reach 45% this year. Through the establishment of major scientific and technological achievements into the patent examination project rigid target to 1600 a number of outstanding patent technology is implemented effectively. Meanwhile, Jiangsu, China also produced the first published “Intellectual Property Management Standards” local standards, as hundreds of companies to establish a professional patent information database, more than 1,000 enterprises in the intellectual property system was established, 160 companies included in the provincial A unit Intellectual Property Strategy Plan, 2009 1? November, promoting the strategic plan of provincial corporate patent 28.3 average for the province’s corporate average of 4 times the amount of patent applications.

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