It's a Tool used for installing wood flooring..WHAT IS IT CALLED???

About size of a beefy pen….
One end metal tapered….
the other end has spring and a thing you pull back to power tool…
used to set the heads of small nails into wood…..
seen guys go over afterwards with putty to fill it.
years ago somebody told me it is good for breaking window if car gets submerged ….maybe the only thing that will break window……
larger tools probably would not work …..
resistance from water?
keep handy…like hanging from rear view mirror if car submersion a concern.
need info for another question.

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  1. edkerns1 says:

    If it is used to set nails it is a nail set (go figure) specifically it is an automatic nail set. A similar tool is an automatic center punch, which can be used to mark metal before drilling, among other things. Amazon sells a variety of them.

  2. JOHN K says:

    To nailing system (which new product dose not need, is hammer nailing )
    New hard wood floor are key and slot system and all you need is a piece of plastic for taped to gather usually come with product or you can get one from seller for free.

  3. texasfixit says:

    You are talking about a spring loaded center punch. It doesn’t require a hammer you just push it down and it ‘snaps”
    Never seen it used for setting nails but that sounds like a good idea I’m going to try it!! Maybe they now make a spring loaded nail set. If not I’ll race you to the patent office!! Hope this helps!!

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