Is this a good deal &or idea?

I know my honey didnt really get me anything for Mother’s Day last month, but I’m looking at something that’s really catching my eye…

Ryobi 18 Volt – 2 piece Starter Kit $89.00

Ryobi 33pc SpeedLoad+ Drill and Drive Kit $19.97

He does home remodeling, and altho he works for 1 fellow in particular, who has every tool possible and necessary, still that’s his boss’s tools. I’ve also noticed that when my hubby does an outside job, his boss always insists he uses/takes/borrows any tools necessary for the job. But again, those are “his tools”, and I know how important it is for men like my husband to have his own tools… we’ve just been so tight with money, but now that I’m working, I kinda want to get him the above stuff and just tighten the belt on other things we buy so he can something.

All suggestions welcome =O)

PS: I love him with all my heart, so [to me] money is no object! I don’t care to go without if it means making “him” happy.

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  1. Chaia says:

    Go for it! If you can afford it and you truly want to get it for him I think you should. You said he didn’t get you anything for Mother’s Day… Are you upset about that? If so you should probably bring it to his attention. The only reason I would say not to buy these things for him is if you are trying to make a point by out doing him.

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