Is there a metal or material that would be easy to cut by hand for this project?

I want to make this project out of sheet metal or some other material that is not flammable. Is there some metal that would be cheap and easy to work by hand and cut with a hack saw?

So I want to replace the wooden components with sheet metal. I am thinking of maybe somekind of sheet aluminum that is kind of thick 1/4″ but real lightweight and rigid.. what kind though? Would they sell this at hardware stores?

This is a setup that actuates and controls a heat gun to heat the tips of small metal carving tools for sculpting in wax.
I would rather burn myself than start a fire when I am not there.

Do you see many PCs made of wood? Or TVs? Or anything else electrical?

Also.. I was going to design it so that the heat would be contained like a thermos rather than conducted to anything it was touching using spacers and double walls.
Come on guys.. haha.. I am aware of the things you mentioned. The way I was going to design it would account for those issues.

I am looking for a material that isn’t flammable and is easy to cut!

I used some aluminum angle iron that cut very easy before.. and it was thick.. But I don’t know if I can find it in sheets.. or where to find it.

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  1. Stephen G says:

    Electricity, heat and metal. Are you mental?

  2. poppajoe49 says:

    You really should make this out of wood for several reasons.
    Aluminum transfers heat very efficiently, meaning you can likely burn yourself if you make this out of metal.
    Aluminum is also an electrical conductor, which means that if you accidentally pinch a wire in this if it were made from metal, you would get shocked.
    1/4″ thick aluminum is very difficult to cut with a hacksaw.

  3. Jim W says:

    Stick with the wood frame as much as you can. To hold the tools, I suggest a metal 4×4 deep electrical box, with a blank cover, drill some holes in the cover to fit the size tools you have. There are several knock out positions in the box could be used to allow the heat gun to put hot air in to the box. This container will get hot, so handle it with gloves. This might do what you want. As another choice, get a piece of electrical metal tubing that will fit over the end of the heat gun, and drill holes in it to hold the tools. It also will get hot, so wear gloves.

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