Is the Black & Decker VPX system as good as they say.?

I keep seeing it at walmart on the clearence rack. I was just wondering if they are as good as they say with baterie life and power.

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  1. wolfatrest2000 says:

    Almost every B & D product I have ever purchased has broken. I bought most of mine from Home Depot and supposedly the B & D stuff they get is a lower quality from what everyone else gets due to the fact that they aren’t willing to pay the normal price for it, so the stuff doesn’t get that last bit of polishing. I own a handyman business on the other hand so my tools get a little more of a workout than most people’s do. Black and Decker considers the warranty of some of their tools to be null and void if your are a professional, so that in itself tells you that they aren’t designed for heavy use.

  2. fidel410 says:

    Unfortunately its on the clearance rack. That should be a clue as to the popularity of the product. It was a product that was rolled out for the Christmas season, but never seemed to take hold. Seems to me that B&D never really put its marketing muscle behind the product. You may be able to but it online, but ask yourself this question, if the basic unit is on clearance, can the system really be expanded?

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