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A while back I got an e-mail for this home based business that says you can sign up for free and you can create money just by mailing postcards. I did sign up, it is free. However, i never tried the system and have been searching to see if i can find any information on it as far as the business being legit or a scam. I can’t find nothing. The postcards promotes cellphone applications for people to sign up to make money. That’s a very common business and it is by the same company/person who founded this postcard business. You get your own back office where you can review the sales you have made etc. You have to purchase some stamps and a certain kind of postcard for you to print the postcards the company sends to your back office. Once they send it, you have to let them know when you have print it etc so that it can be tracked in your back office. Once again, i have never tried the system. But was curious to know if anybody has ever heard of it and has ever tried the system and if it’s legit? Here’s the e-mail i got?


We developed our powerful free postcard marketing system because
we wanted a proven system that ANYONE can do with 100% SUCCESS.

You’ll NEVER have to struggle trying to figure
out how to do it or what to do…

To have a successful marketing system that makes tons of money
you must have these critical pieces:

First, you must have a product that sells like crazy.

Our system sells the perfect online product and it sells
like mad! By combining the power on offline marketing with
the ease of online buying, your fully automated system makes it
quick and easy for your prospects to buy online immediately,
making you a quick $45 every time!

Secondly, you must have professionally designed postcards
by experts in the industry.

Our professional Post Card Marketing System uses ONLY the
highest quality postcards designed by the absolute TOP
professionals in the field. What this means for you is when
your prospects get your postcard they act… and act fast.

Powerful, professional postcards that
pull in $45 on every sale for you!
Third, you must have a quality mailing list:

POWERFUL Free Post Card Marketing System is bringing in
quick sales like crazy because it reaches the PERFECT MARKET
EVERY TIME because the mailing lists we give you are of the
HIGHEST QUALITY and are highly targeted- ALL FREE for you.

Best of all, your post cards have “shelf life”. Unlike
online ads that are there one split second and then GONE
as soon as you leave the page, your post card is a physical
selling tool the prospect can reference at any time.

Your post cards work so well because it gives your buyers the
luxury to view your offer and make the purchase only when it
is convenient for them. This “shelf-life” gives you a huge advantage!

…and that’s why OFFLINE SELLING Of the Perfect ONLINE Products
and Services Is Exploding! This High-Impact, Highly Effective Selling
System Combines The BEST of BOTH Worlds To Make YOU Money Like Mad…

Best Regards,

Ken Davisson
VP Business Development

PS: Here’s where to go:

Join Here:
Login Here:

Any information about this would be very helpful. Thanks!

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  1. Jake says:

    Check out BBB online and type in the business name. If they are registered with the BBB then they will have a report on them. If not, then if anyone has complained about them and reported to the BBB there will be some sort of report on them whether they are registered or not.

    I went ahead and checked it out and came up with nothing so there has been no complaints but on the flip side of this I checked out the sites page rank and it’s at 0 so the site has not been around for long at all. Also he must have just registered for the online safe web deal because there are only question marks at the edge of the meta tags before you enter the site and that means there is no info on it as far as a safe site to enter which also says it may have just started up so watch yourself.

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