Ionic Air Purifier – Common Questions Concerning Ionic Air Purifiers

If you are thinking of buying a new ionic air purifier, you are probably asking yourself a few questions. This short article will supply you with a couple of fast answers to 6 frequently asked questions concerning the ionic air purifiers that are currently available for purchase.  

What is the difference between an Ionic Air Purifier and other air cleaners?
Ionic Purifiers employ an electric charge to charge air, catch particles in the room and draw the dust into the air cleaner. Normal air purifiers use a filter made of packed paper that catches particles as they are blown through the purifier.

Do Ionic Air Purifiers eliminate cigarette smell from the air?
Ionic Air Purifiers get rid of any dust and fine specks from the room, and this includes cigar smell. It improves the air quality within the house, specially in the homes of smokers. These air cleaners perform so well in not so big spaces, specifically if the resident is a non-smoker who would wish to have cleaner air in their room.

How much noise does an Ionic Air Purifier generate?
Though this could vary by brand, many Ionic Air Purifiers are very quiet or mostly silent. They don’t have a heavy duty fan and blower to push the air through a filter, so they are much quieter than a traditional air cleaner, and may be employed when you are taking a nap.

How do I take care my Ionic Air Purifier?
Maitenance does vary with different brands, but most include a statically charged collection bin or plate that is easily detached. Clean the plate or tray using a clean, wet rag. When there is stubborn dirt or material stuck on the bin, it’s possible to use a delicate soft cleaner, such as a small amount of diluted rubbing alcohol, although this might harm other models. Check the manual for the best information for each purifier.

Where would I order an Ionic Air Purifier?
For the finest option and price, check web shops. While online sites do require shipping, stores often overprice these items because Ionic Air Purifiers are fairly new and demand is high.

I would like some more answers. What would you recommend?  
Discussion groups on ionic air purifiers are rare.  Currently, there is one forum that I will suggest, nevertheless. That’s the ionic air purifier forum at .  The site is a tremendously popular, no cost forum on the topic of ionic air purifiers where users have probably previously posted every likely question that you could have.   The resource also offers realtime auctions for ionic air purifiers and a free email service that emails you any time a new ionic air purifier auction is listed.  Couple that with several extra search tools that make locating ionic air purifiers easy, and I’d say that the site is without doubt worth a minute to look at.  

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