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Information afternoon tea Slow time fine chemicals : Interpretation, analysis of hot industry news

Rigid demand-driven surge in high horsepower tractor sales strong

This year, the worldwide financial crisis, although the impact of the large drag of the export business, but can not stop the strong surge in the domestic market. National Bureau of Statistics show that 1 in August, China’s 43 major large and medium tractors manufacturer has produced 256,000 units delay, up 31.64 percent. The more than 40 major manufacturers of large delay statistics also show that, as of the end of June this year, the cumulative production Pin Large drag 91,100 units, up 44.54 percent. 50 horsepower big drag on the share of medium and large continue to delay the impact of record high, up 52.84 percent in the first half, up 4.65%; the first eight months the proportion accounted for 53.1%, showing a rigid characteristics of growth, demand HP further extends upward.

Excess capacity: a new energy crisis struck?

Learned that the first half of this year, Sichuan, Henan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, more than 20 provinces, nearly 50 companies are building, expanding and build polysilicon production lines, with a total construction area of over 100,000 tons, equivalent to the global 2 times the annual demand of polysilicon, the State Council also held a meeting, highlighted the “China polysilicon and wind power capacity has repeated constructions.”

Instrument development and progress of science and technology innovation and impact on our sense of

Constantly on the progress of science and technology Instrumentation Made more updated requirements. Apparatus Meter Trend is constantly using new working principles and use of new materials and new components, such as the use of ultrasonic, microwave, ray, infrared, nuclear magnetic resonance, superconductivity, laser theory and using a variety of new semiconductor-sensitive components, integrated circuits integrated optics, optical fiber and other components. The aim is to achieve the miniaturization of instrumentation, reduce weight, reduce production costs and greater ease of use and maintenance. Another important trend is through the use of microcomputers to improve the performance of instruments, instrument itself, fear of high automation, intelligence, and data processing capabilities. Instrument not only for individual use, and may access through standard interfaces and data combined with the computer to form an integrated system control and management of various tests to meet the higher requirements.

Scoop:   Regional news, international trial 2009 U.S. wind power capacity added projections of

As society overall downward trend in electricity demand, combined with oil, gas and other traditional energy prices remained low, so investors will inevitably discourage investment rather not conducive to the growth of wind power. U.S. Department of Energy reported that the financial crisis, many of the major investors in wind power program are immediately terminate the investment plan, yet continued to spend the remaining part of the investment plan.

Anhui Machine Tool industry upgrading of enterprises operations  

Recent years, Anhui Province Machine tool Focus on industrial upgrading and industrial enterprises to continuously improve core competitiveness. In the international financial crisis, some enterprises not only curbed the decline in the situation, but also maintained a steady and rapid growth.

Fresh novelty: A bucketful of fresh, unusual products crazy

Development of Shanxi’s first stand-alone 1.5 MW wind turbine off the assembly line

12 on the morning of the first stand-alone development of Shanxi Province, the 1.5 MW wind Generator Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group offline in the ship, wind power and other renewable energy sources is the development trend of international power, wind power equipment manufacturing also because of its vast market to be included in the equipment manufacturing industry in our province the focus of the restructuring and revitalization planning projects, too Group project late last year only less than 10 months after the completion of the wind on the design and manufacture complete sets of equipment, work, and most of the domestic manufacturers and permit the direct purchase of foreign technology to produce different, too have this unit completely independent intellectual property rights .

China’s first ultra-supercritical unit supporting 1 million came transformer

Recently, Tianwei change security came good news from the company’s own R & D, with completely independent intellectual property rights of China’s first three-phase power transformer in Tianwei Paul SFP-1140MVA/500kV change (Qinhuangdao) Transformer Co., Ltd. successfully passed all the tests once the project appraisal, the main technical performance indicators have reached international advanced level. The transformers are supporting 1000MW of China’s first ultra-supercritical generating units, one three-phase transformer, and so far the largest internal capacity of the 500kV class transformer with advanced technology, superior performance, security and high reliability. The successful development of its vigorous development of China’s ultra-supercritical units supporting localization of three-phase generator transformer one has laid a solid foundation for the country into the world in 2010-2020 years the ranks of advanced coal-fired power generation technology provides a strong support.

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