I am looking at getting some good, cordless power tools.?

I don’t want Mama tools, I want Daddy tools!!! I want at least a drill and a saw to start. I want to know I’m holding POWER tools. Ones that will last and are dependable. You know, all around good power tools. Suggestions and reasons, please. Thanks!!

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  1. John J. S says:

    Milwaukee, Makita, DeWalt. Look for at least 18 amp batteries. My makita drill is 10 years old.

  2. LE HUQUE says:

    If just starting out go to a good DIY store (B & Q is a good place to start) where you will be able to get different standards of tools from the general ‘handy-man’ stuff up to building standards. Can be an expensive hobby if you by the most expensive heavy duty tools for general work. A good black & decker hammer drill/screw driver is a good place to start and only use the best drill bits. Different bits for wood,brickwork and drilling holes in metal. If any problems with tools you will be able to take the item back up to a year after purchase. Have one here at home which is 20+ years old and I’m a carpenter/kitchen fitter.

  3. edward says:

    My first choice would be Panasonic, second would be milwaukee.

  4. Spartan says:

    Dewalt, Milwaukee, Bosch are the best IMO but different tradesman will have different views, any of the top makes will last years so its best if your going to fork out a bit of money on decent tools to go to your local store a get a feel for them, good ergonomic design is important when choosing tools and they all feel different so choose whats comfortable for you. If all you intend to own is cordless then go for 18v i use 14.4v Dewalt mostly they’re light and handles most tasks but i use corded as well for heavy duty to save on battery wear as battery’s ain’t cheap. I would not buy any cordless tools with NI cad battery’s now as they are out dated and no good IMO, go for Ni MH batteries these run longer and are lighter but if your wallet can take the hit then Li ion battery’s are what you want. Also look at the Amp hrs on the batterys to see there run time.

  5. T says:

    Depends on if you are looking for tools you need to use everyday (for a job) or around the house. Ryobi served me well for many years of light usage. You can buy that brand at Home Depot and it offers most power tools, but they are cheap. High quality brands that contractors use are DeWalt, Milwaukee, Skill, and Bosch.The best tools will cost more but you will only buy them once. Regular maintenance is required to maintain tools, so learn their inner workings. Every brand of tool offers a combo kit and the basic one has a drill and circular saw. Price them out, compare reviews and prices, and ultimately buy what you need. If you just want tools b/c every guy needs a tool set buy cheap, if you are starting to work in a trade buy what will last.

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