How To Use Concrete Saws?

When it comes to cutting concrete, using the correct concrete saw and concrete saw blade is important. The correct equipment is important, not only to make sure that the job is done accurately and quickly, but also as a safety measure. Cutting concrete also puts a large amount of dust into the air, which can be potentially dangerous to both the cutter’s eyes and lungs.

When the concrete saw blade cuts through the concrete, a large amount of dust is dispensed into the air. In order to keep the hazardous dust down to a minimum, contractors use different methods of containing or dispersing the dust. One method is to use pneumatic devices that will pull the harmful dust up into the air and away from those using the equipment. Another method is called wet cutting. This method draws and traps the dust into cooling water, which diminishes the dust dramatically and keeps it from getting into the eyes or lungs of the workers. This method is also most commonly used with diamond blades, because it actually lubricates the blade as it is cutting through the concrete.

Those who cut concrete for a living look for the safest and best concrete saw cutting devices possible. The saws blades need to be sharp, in good working order and able to handle the stress that will be put upon them. The concrete blade that is chosen also needs to be the correct diameter to handle the concrete that is being cut. Also, there needs to be a system in place in order to remove the dangerous concrete dust from the air, making it easier for the workers to breath. If all of these items are in place, then the work can be done efficiently and safely.

All saws can be dangerous, no matter if they are concrete saws, masonry saws, cordless saws or pruning saws. Not only should safety measures be taken when working with all types, but with a concrete saw blade and saw, precautions also need to be taken to reduce the amount of concrete dust that fills the air. The dust can be very harmful to both the eyes and the lungs, which is why there are methods that can be utilized to remove the dust from the area where the equipment operator is working.

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