How to use a cordless drill safely

Who would have thought it a drill where you do not have to have a lead tripping you up everywhere that you want to drill. A cordless drill is one of mans best inventions, it is a take me anywhere drill, light and easy to use and if you buy an extra battery you should never run out of power.

Not only is it a tool for the modern workman in the building industry but it’s a girls best friend when it comes girls doing a bit of do it yourself work, just take it out of its nice box and a way we go. However, as in anything else in this world you have to learn how to use it properly.
They come in all shapes and sizes, large powerful ones, small lightweight ones; the large powerful ones come with a 24-volt battery the smaller ones come with either 18-volt or 12 –volt batteries.

Bosch GSR 14.4 VE-2 battery
Li-ion,2.8Ah,14.4 V, only £42.99

When using any kind of drill you have to use it properly and that means using it safely. It no good marking the spot where you want to drill your hole and just putting the point of the drill bit on the mark and pulling the trigger and expect to drill the hole safely, in most cases if you did that you will end up in hospital with a sprained wrist or worse.

On all cordless drills, you will find that you have a handle that you have to fit on the side. It will come already fitted and all you have to do is turn it to the position that suits you, by that I mean if you are left or right handed and then tighten it firmly.

Bosch  2607335465 battery
Ni-Cd,1.5Ah,14.4V, only £30.08

Now when you come to drill the whole grip the handle with the trigger with one hand and grip the handle that protrudes out with the other. Firmly stand with one leg in front of you put the tip of the drill bit onto your mark and gently squeeze the trigger. By doing all this you have maximum control over the movement of the drill and you will find that, the hole that you drill will be properly drilled.

However, safety is just not about drilling with the drill, you will find that wearing the right sort of clothes will go along way to minimising any kind of other accident. The wearing of a lightweight pair of gloves will take the shock of the motion of the drill from hurting your hand and your wrists. The wearing of a good pair of safety glasses will stop any kind of foreign debris from entering your eyes.

While you may not be working on a building site, safety nevertheless is still paramount for your own comfort.

You will find that a cordless drill can be used to screw screws into things. Whenever you are going to screw a screw into something, again safety comes to mind. Use the right kind of screwdriver bit, when you come to screw the screw try the screwdriver bit into the head of the screw first to see if you have the right type of bit. When you come to screw the screw into whatever you are going to put together gently squeeze the trigger and gently very slowly screw the screw in, do not under any circumstance screw it into the object fast you will undoubtedly slip and injure your fingers and ruin what ever you are screwing into.

Dewalt DE9091 Battery
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Always remember that safety comes first as it does in everything that you do, by being a little bit patient and wearing the right type of clothes you will find that using a cordless drill is a pleasure to use.

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