How to Safe-Use Mitre Saw

The laser guide on this bigger Makita mitre saw is even better, with a separate switch so you can set up the work without turning on the blade. Dust control is good even with the dust bag, but the 2.5-inch port can also connect to a shop vac. If you don’t know which tool will you belefit the most from, the answer is simple – the mitre saw. I followed the setup steps carefully and found my Makita miter saw had been adjusted perfectly at the factory, but it is worth your time to check and become familiar with this procedure. Reading several compound miter saw reviews has me pretty confused. Blade size is important (see below on purchasing miter saw blades) when choosing a miter saw.
Cordless drills are increasing in popularity and are now offered in 9.6-, 12-, 14.4- and 18-volt models. This Makita mitre saw is built to last through years of rugged abuse and use and is powered by a big 15-amp motor and features ball and roller bearing construction. The table of a regular miter saw and the vertical fence that rises up from the saw table are oriented at 90 degrees to one another, just like the typical wall / ceiling interface so it is easy to hold the molding at the funny angle. The Makita miter saw is one of the most durable saws on the market, and it’s also highly portable and a breeze to transport from place to place or job to job, but those are not the Makita’s biggest selling points. And, after that, the tools are yours to keep. Worm-drive saws deliver impressive amounts of power — hence the contractors’ propensity to choose them — but they’re also heavier and cost more.
Many attachments are readily available, including sanders, wire brushes, paint mixers, buffers and even a circular saw attachment. I’m not sure why this particular model does not include these, although they are available as an accessory. Jigsaws are smaller tools, and work well cutting thinner material, usually up to 1-1/2 inches thick. If you are planning to use the saw in a miter station, you probably won’t need them anyway, but they would be handy to have if you are using the saw on location and don’t have a miter station or portable miter stand with supports available. A compound miter saw is a specialized saw that allows the saw blade to pivot in two different ways at the same time. The saw cuts compound angles cleanly and accurately, is easy to adjust between cuts and can saw quickly through 2x8s and 4x4s at a 90-degree angle. There are even charts listing the necessary angles and stock positions for cutting crown molding.
The Makita saw has a soft-start motor with electronic speed control, and reviews say it handles thick hardwoods well. I really like the way the engine is positioned behind the blade, keeping it off the road. While cordless tools are quite capable, their price tag is commonly two or three times as much as a similar corded unit. Buying a miter saw bench is something you will have done when you bought your miter saw but you’ll want to think about replacing it periodically to ensure its continued reliability and endurance.

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