How to Revive a Dead Rechargeable Battery

Has four actions to revive dead battery, such as the laptop battery. Time is a rechargeable battery will lose its ability to continue, no fee will be more. This happens because the overhead, which makes the other very hot or very cold, and many. You can think that can not be downloaded, you need to recycle and they just buy newbattery. Instead, follow these steps for reviving the battery with a low dose and high-capacity and low voltage drops quickly to life.

The tools you need

* Dead Battery
* Multimeter
* Welding
* Insulated gloves
* Safety glasses

Step 1. Check the battery levels

First, check the equipment that recharges the  MAKITA Power Tools Battery to ensure that they are the reason why the battery does not recharge. Otherwise, you will need to verify the multi-battery. In most cases, the reading indicates that the effort was much lower than what it says on the screen. If you have a battery backup for one, you can use this measure to determine the power of the battery must be after the resurrection of the dead.

Step 2. Review equipment levels

Welding test your multi to ensure that the AC  adapter, and is also used to check if the gun is positive or negative. Welding may sometimes be a control that is polarized is the opposite of what you need to perform several key special welding until you said you did about 30 volts.

Step 3 Stop the battery

This procedure can be very dangerous, because it uses a high voltage at this point. Bosch drill with the battery dead, and be sure to use insulated gloves and goggles, welding, press the end of its positive state and the state batterywhile end of the negative terminal of the battery negative. When using this technique, you did not solder the battery. Just click at the end of welding and battery and a positive shock to see the sparks, if done correctly. What is this valid for a large number of the current cell, dendrite is vaporized, such as gearboxes. You can also use this same technology is the battery, which can be worn, which separates the shell to obtain cells. Then the tool materials employed and sand are then welded or a car battery.

Step 4. Test Battery

Now, when the battery is replaced once the program you use, you will see that Hitachi Drill Battery will be much better than that used to be. Although the application of the starter battery will also have consequences. And from other dendritic say will be far behind, and the materials were evaporated now permeated material separation, which makes the resistance that can short plates. The cell can be reduced and will be charged with support for the poor.


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