How to Protect your power tools battery

After you pay a lot of money to buy a CRAFTSMAN 982321-001 dirll, you may want to make it use as long as possible. One of the most important drill accessories is power tools battery. Generally, power tool batteries are lithium-based and nickel-based. They are rechargeable batteries and they can hold charge for some time. However, no matter what type of battery or how good a manufacturer’s reputation is, proper care and maintenance is always necessary if one wants to protect the battery and make it last longer.

First, we need to know that the meaning of the depth of discharge which is the most common term related to power tool batteries’ life. The depth of discharge refers to how far the battery has been discharged before it is recharged. Some people keep using their drill with their power supply. In such situation, there is no the depth of discharge. On the other hand, some people will sometimes use their batteries until they are completely drained out. Both of these ways are not completely correct. You’d better take the battery out of the drill when you make the power supply connected. But remember to take the battery to charge and use in a certain time and dont leave the battery lying there for a long time.

Second, pay attention to the drill temperature. When you use your drill, it will get hotter as time goes on. Then the efficiency of your drill will be affected and the drill consumes more energy than it is needed, which will reduce the drill battery life. It is advisable that drill battery does not heat beyond 30 degrees Celsius. To achieve this, you’d better avoid putting the drill on your ass , or putting it on soft surfaces such as pillows.

Third, another phrase that you may hear is the charge cycle. This refers to the time taken between running the battery down and then charging it up again. Running a drill battery down does not refer to bringing it to 0%. No. It refers to discharging the battery up to around the 66% – 70% level. If this battery is brought up to 90% of its capacity, a full cycle has been completed.

PS: Use the correct recharging procedure for your Drill . Only use the power cord that came with your drill or an authorized replacement.

Follow correct maintenance for your battery when not in use. Don’t leave it in direct sunlight, areas where it will be exposed to extreme temperatures such as car trunks.

Use your drill’s power management features. The system will run at lower processor speeds when enabling power management features and it will go into “sleep” mode faster when inactive.
Buy batteries with internal processors such as Ni-MH batteries.
Non Ni-MHbatteries must be fully discharged and then recharged every 2-3 weeks.
If you don’t use your Drill for a period of time, you must fully discharge then recharge the battery

All in all, you’d better try to protect your drill battery by many ways! Then the  power tools battery can last long and you can have the drill use as long as possible


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