How to Prevent Theft of Your Tools

For working tradesmen, finding the correct van bed toolbox can be a challenge.  Elements such as van size, access requirements, price and of course security play an important part in the decision making process.  Luckily there are secure steel van vault tool boxes that will keep your tools safe, but what about the other factors to consider?

Measure the floor bed of your van to determine the appropriate size of toolbox.It can often be the case that toolbox manufacturers will list the make and model of any vans or trucks that their toolboxes will be compatible with.

Next you should consider how important ease of access to all your tools is.  If you are the sort of workman that is frequently returning to the toolbox to access different tools then convenience is going to be a very important factor.Ideally you want a toolbox that opens easily from the side (called a dual lid crossover).If it is likely that you will be purchasing a larger and heavier toolbox, then perhaps you may want to consider a wheel well van bed tool box for even more convenience.

There are many useful online resources that will help you compare the prices of tool boxes.  Amazon could be a good start, however if you are looking to keep your tools safe and secure then it is recommended that you approach a specialist supplier of secure van vaults.

Upon purchasing your toolbox, it is well worth going to the effort of having a system of organising your tools and making a point of keeping them in order.There isn't very much point in buying a specialist toolbox and then losing your tools under all the clutter!  Also make sure that you remember to keep the tools themselves in good order and to keep them protected from rust.

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