How to Go Park with your Power Tool

Going park is getting easier every day. Here is an article where I simply encompassed my makita power tool system with a portable photovoltaic panel system. Within this system I have a deep cycle power tool battery for makita I use as an energy well, storage. Store excess power generated by the photovoltaic panel in this deep cycle 12V makita battery. The power stored in this deep cycle battery is then dumped into a “In-Vehicle Charger” which then finally dumps the power, originally generated by the photovoltaic panel, into a cordless power tool battery.

Incidentally, maybe you will thinking; “why not just hook-up the IN-VEHICLE CHARGER directly to the solar panel?” I tried this with my small wattage solar panel and it didn’t generate enough power to run the IN-VEHICLE CHARGER. Henceforth I added a deep cycle battery to the circuit. I use this portable photovoltaic panel for my hot house, operates a 12 volt fan, in the spring and then relocate it to my garden in the summer to pump water. I place it close to the garage and use it to recharge the makita power tool batteries in the fall.

Now, the obvious question is; what type of solar panel will I need? Answer; purchase one with at least 1 amp of output. But please remember, solar panels are usually rated by wattage and their voltage is usually 12 volts. Using the simple formula (amps x volts = watts) leaves us with a solar panel of approximately 12 to 15 watts.

Also, keep in mind portability. You may want to bring your portable set-up to a job sight or camping some day. Henceforth, I would not recommend a large panel if you want to stay fairly portable.

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