How to Fix a Battery on a Drill

Cordless drills have the upside of portability and the downside of costly battery packs. When a cordless drill battery pack no longer holds a charge, it does not necessarily mean it is completely useless. Fix your cordless drill rechargeable battery pack by zapping it back to life. This method will only work on nickel cadmium (Nicad) and nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries, not on lithium ion packs. makita 1422 tool battery

Use a volt meter to check which leads on your cordless drill battery pack are positive and negative. Mark these as positive and negative to assist you in later reassembly.

Open the battery case and save the screws for later reassembly. Watch closely for a spring located inside the case. It tends to pop out and can easily become lost.

Lift out the internal battery pack from the case. It should come out as one piece as it is often shrink wrapped together.

Note and mark the silver cardboard insulator where the wires go from the terminal, through the silver insulator and into the battery pack. Again, noting where these wires go will make the battery pack easier to assemble.

Use needle nose piers to gently remove the terminal piece located on top of the cardboard insulation piece. Set this piece aside for reassembly with the screws and spring.

Wrap the exposed metal band with electrical tape to insulate it during the battery reconditioning process. This metal band will be hot during the reconditioning process, and wrapping it will protect you from injury. dewalt dw9091 drill battery

Lift off and set aside the silver cardboard insulation piece.

Access the batteries by cutting off a portion of the shrink wrap covering the batteries. You will need access to the top and bottom of the batteries. The cells within the shrink wrap are internally banded together. Leave these bands connected.

Test each individual battery cell with the battery tester to determine which ones are working and which ones are dead. Mark the cells that are dead so you know which batteries need reconditioned.

Prepare for the reconditioning process by locating the positive and negative ends of the first cell. Prior to reconditioning this cell, prepare your 12-volt power source and put on safety glasses, insulated gloves and a long-sleeve shirt for protection.

Touch the power source’s black alligator clamp to the negative end of the battery, while holding the red alligator clamp to the positive end of the battery, for a maximum of two seconds. cordless drill battery for panasonic EY9231

Release the alligator clamps and use the battery tester to determine if the battery cell is fully charged. If not, repeat the zapping process. The cell can be zapped up to 10 times.

Repeat this process with each cell to be reconditioned and then reassemble the battery pack back into the battery case.

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