How to Fill Holes in Wood Houses when Preping to Paint

How to Repair Holes in Wood when Preparing to Paint then Smooth by Sanding

Homeowners would enjoy it if a wooden house stayed in good shape with only a little home maintenance. Only scrape and caulk a bit, put down some sheeting for paint drips, and apply a few coats of durable house paint.

It is never that easy. Instead, one almost always has to repair the wood exterior of the house.

My home required quite a bit of work. The galvanized sheet metal edging of my original roof did not go to the edge and allowed rainwater to penetrate the wood behind the eve. As the years passed, the wood shriveled and the protective coat of paint flaked.

I was determined to fix this myself. I was worried whether regular wood filler could fill in the gaps properly.

My buddy next door worked on the wood of his home often fighting those darn flying termites. Sam’s repairs looked good years later. He knew something I did not.

Fix Wood Holes with the Auto Repair Filler Called Bondo and Use Discounted Cordless Sanders to Finish Sanding

He revealed that a contractor had recommended to use Bondo to fill cracks in the wood. For some background go to:

I had used Bondo on a car repair. This auto filler was heavy and durable. Bondo could be planed. When he brought up using this auto filler, I realized quickly that this was the right answer.

Using Bondo, the method is to fill in the large holes in layers with a lot applied first and then thinner layers at the end. Furthermore, you can make nice sharp corners, combining molding boards and regular kitchen wax paper. To prep for painting by sanding just use one of the many wood power tools that can sand quickly.

Homeowners with an old wood deck, you should be aware that you can also apply Bondo to fill in gouges in the surface of your wood deck. It is sometimes necessary, when you are refinishing a redwood deck.

Note the fact that Bondo looks light red after sanding and this will show through, when using a light colored water sealant on your wood deck. If you intend to preserve a lumber deck after patching with Bondo, you might need to use a dark stain.

Note that you do not need to find an automotive store for Bondo. Just look for Bondo at Home Depot or Lowes. Incidentally, my painting prep job still looks great after several years.

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