Highly Rated Makita Power Tools

When looking for a set of power tools, Makita brand is one of the best on the market today. The tools are all reasonably priced, but provide the power and efficiency needed to handle any size of a project. There are cordless versions of the Makita power tools that help to alleviate the aggravations that come with hauling a power cord behind a power tool, hoping not to trip over it or cut through it. The Makita power tool parts are also easy to find at different home improvement stores as well as discount stores online so that replacement parts can be found when needed.


One Makita power tool is the Makita LXT Lithium-Ion cordless impact driver. This tool costs a little over one hundred dollars and has many different features that make it a great choice in drivers. It runs on an 18v battery and has zero to two point three hundred RPM so that it has the power that is needed. It also has a built in LED light so that the individual has the ability to work clearly. The cordless impact driver has a maximum torque motor in it and is made of heat treated steel and has an electronic brake on it. It has about thirteen in-pounds of torque and has a three year guarantee on it for if anything breaks. The down side is the battery is sold separately so it will cost about fifty to seventy dollars more than the machine itself.

Another Makita power tool is the Makita six and a half inch LXT lithium-ion circular saw. This saw is very compact and light weight which makes it easy to use and less stressful for the person using it. When a circular saw is heavy, the individual using it gets tired which can lead not only to mistakes in the cut being made, but can also lead to accidents where the user can be injured. The motor in this Makita power tool is high torque, which means it has the power that the user needs for cutting through any grade of wood. The LED light is built into this power tool as well, allowing them to have a high degree of visibility for the project, even if the lighting in the room is not as good. There is a three year warranty on this Makita power tool as well, giving even more assurance to the quality of this product.

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