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In the United States, Germany and Japan and other industrial countries, its Mold In recent years, large-scale industry engaged in a technological revolution that is gradually replaced with high-speed cutting machine electric processing equipment, on Mold Cavity for high precision machining. These tools include a variety of high-speed CNC milling machine, machining center.

Currently in the process of mold manufacturing, mainly in general machining and electrical discharge processing. General machining mold cavity are generally carried out before the heat treatment roughing, semi-finishing and finishing, and then grinding, polishing, time-consuming and laborious. EDM is a machining after annealing and then heat treatment, EDM, and finally through the grinding and polishing.

Replacement with consumer products accelerates, the productivity of the mold and manufacturing quality higher and higher demands, EDM die low productivity and quality gradually exposed the shortcomings of instability. To shorten the manufacturing cycle and lower costs, have extensive use of advanced machining technology. The representative of advanced manufacturing technology, high-speed cutting technologies, to meet the requirements of modern tooling and features.

High-speed cutting technology for processing mold of the main advantage:

(1) greatly increased the processing efficiency, not only high speed machine tools, feed speed, and a rough finish can be completed, greatly improved production efficiency, combined with numerical control technology, mold manufacturing cycle can be shortened by about 40% .

(2) high-speed machining electrodes do not die, do not need to follow-up grinding and polishing, but also easy to implement process automation, improved the speed of mold development.

(3) can be processed using high-speed cutting technology of hardened steel, but also of very high surface quality, surface roughness of less than Ra0.6 m, access to processing mill on behalf of the grinding effect, not only saves a lot of time, also improved the surface quality.

Mold cavity in order to achieve high-speed processing and related parts, machine tools need to have the following characteristics:

(1) large load-bearing and high rigidity which is due to the direction of mold is to develop large-scale processing equipment must be large enough to travel with table size and work to adapt. Now, a few tons to hundreds of tons of mold is very common to require machine Table Surface can withstand the heavy weight. Die Materials The strength and hardness are high, and, often, greater elongation of the small diameter end Mills Processing mold cavity, the process prone to flutter. In order to ensure machining accuracy and surface quality, high-speed machine tools for mold manufacturing must have a high dynamic and static rigidity, to improve the positioning accuracy of machine tools, tracking precision and anti-vibration capability.

(2) high-speed and high-power high-speed machining is the development direction of high-speed milling in the mold has showed great superiority. To meet the mold cavity surface processing, Tools The radius of the circumference should be less than the minimum radius of the cavity surface, in order to avoid processing Tools And the workpiece occurs “interference.” As the tool diameter and small, thus requiring very high spindle speed, spindle speed of high speed machine tools has reached 40000 ~ 100000r/min, fast feed rate up to 30000 ~ 60000min. Cavity and other parts mold parts thick, often finishing in one clamping of the workpiece and, therefore, spindle power to large, medium-size molds milling and machining center spindle power often 10 ~ 40kW, and some even higher.

(3) can be a good multi-axis and the cutting ability of an integrated deep cavity mold cavity to complex multi-space composed of 6 surfaces and grooves, and many have a deep cavity molds. In order to achieve high accuracy on the 3D surface, high-speed and high stability of the processing, multi-axis machine tool needs, and has good cutting ability of an integrated deep cavity. Can adopt five-axis machining center, in addition to the three coordinates of linear movement, there are two rotating coordinates into a movement. Multi-axis milling head or the table can feed a continuous rotation, which applies to Canada Tool A complex mold cavity surface parts.

Composite processing is one of the development direction of mold. Although the processing center has been able to many complex machining processes on a single machine to achieve, but it still can not fully meet the mold, the mechanical processing and electrical, chemical, ultrasonic processing methods combined with different principles, both the technological characteristics of two or more complex process of mold manufacturing in the future will have broad prospects.

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