Has anyone had any experience with MasterWorks power tools?

A store is selling MasterWorks brand hammer drills for 1/2 of what a BandD or Mikita would cost, but I have never heard of the brand and can’t find any info online. Has anyone used any of their products or know anything about the brand as to reliability etc? Thanks!

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  1. Casey says:

    That’s a really bad sign. Not being able to find any info on it, I mean. It sounds like a house brand for a big hardware chain or other retailer and those are almost always not worth the money or aggravation they can cause. You don’t have to have Festool, but even homeowners and DIYers deserve decent quality tools because they’ll last a lot longer, do the job properly, and even be safer than Brand X.

    I’ve been using power tools since 1976 and I’ve never heard of MasterWorks, and the price suggests to me that you should avoid them. Especially for a hammer drill which is subject to an inordinate amount of abuse and wear. Black and Decker, Skil, or Ryobi are fine for occasional use and should last a regular person for years unless there are teenagers involved. You can also get professional quality rebuilt or reconditioned tools for about the same cost as the ones I mentioned. Put it in your search engine or look at cpotools.com or reconditionedsales.com for good deals on real tools. If you only need a hammer drill once, you can always rent it, but if you think you’ll need it more than that, I’d look at getting a decent quality reconditioned model. I’ve been buying them for myself and for my shop for years and have always been happy with them.

  2. Victor says:

    Is masterworks a menards brand? I think Milwaukee makes them.

  3. Richard says:

    Never heard of them until now, (found one on ebay for $32 with free shipping) ?!!
    You get what you pay for when you buy tools, and hammer drills work hard.
    if you plan on using it more than once,
    I wouldn’t waste the money you could use to put towards a better tool

  4. HomeFixated.com says:

    Don’t waste money on no-name (or unknown name power tools). I’d recommend Bosch or Milwaukee.

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