Handle with Care: Power Tool Safety Tip

There are many different types of portable power tools used on construction sites, requiring that safety measures be taken to protect everyone on the job. Power tool safety tips often get overlooked when working hard and trying to get a job done quickly and efficiently. However, if these tips are overlooked, individuals can become electrocuted, have limbs maimed or otherwise be injured on the job. Many of the power tool safety tips are very simple to follow and can save a lot of problems in the long run if they are followed.

Electrical and Handling

When handling a power tool, one safety tip is to be sure to keep all fingers away from the on/off switch so that it does not accidentally get turned on while carrying it from place to place. It is tempting to carry the power tool by the handle like it is handled when in action. However, this is very dangerous because any tripping or bumping on the way to the next location can trigger the start button and possibly cause injury to the individual or others who are nearby.

Another important power tool safety tip is to be aware of the electrical cords at all times. There are always a lot of electrical cords running to different power tools so individuals on a work site must be careful where they are walking to make sure that they do not trip on the cords, possibly yanking a power tool out of another person’s hand and causing him or others harm. The electrical cords should be checked on a regular basis to make sure that they do not have any damage to the insulation around the wiring in the cords. If there is damage, the cords should be immediately replaced so that the exposed wiring does not have a chance to touch the metal on a toolbox or piece of machinery, causing an electrical shock.

If possible, another power tool safety tip is to buy power tools that are double insulated. This means that the power tool casing is not of a metal material which helps to insulate the tool further and prevent electrical shock while in use. However, this does not ensure that there will never be a shock obtained from the use of the device. Even these tools must be kept out of a moist situation since the water can get into the casing and cause a short circuit which can shock the person using the machinery.

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