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The typical Hitachi saw is 26 inches in length with 5 teeth or points per inch. In comparison, a crosscut saw has twice as many teeth and makes a finer cut. One of its most impressive features is its blade eject system, which lets you pop out a blade without touching it, keeping your fingers away from broken or hot metal. Place the saw’s central teeth on the line to be cut and push the saw in a short stroke to start the cut. Reciprocal saws need periodic cleaning with an unused paintbrush or an air supply to remove sawdust. If necessary, cut a starting hole in the material and insert the blade. Better-quality circular saw blades can be professionally sharpened as needed.
Pros: Powerful motor, two-beam laser system for accurate cuts, spindle lock for easy blade changes, effective anti-snag lower guard, easily accessible rear-view depth adjustment. Best Hitachi miter saw cost a lot. At around 0, this model is more expensive than most, but it delivers a solid amount of no-frills performance for the price. The saw’s Smart Power feature maintains a constant blade speed, even under the most demanding conditions. he 7-1/4-inch 18-tooth carbide “Piranha” blade is fine for everyday jobs, but additional teeth would provide an even smoother cutting performance. Most Hitachi miter saws have 12 to 15 teeth per inch, though coarser and finer blades are available for specialized jobs.
The recharge rate is an especially speedy one hour. And even if you forget to keep one charging, you won’t be without power for long: the charge time is a speedy one hour. The Hitachi cordless jigsaw features four orbital settings. Six amps of power is impressive for a corded jigsaw, particularly one with such a low price. The Hitachi miter Saw is a durable tool, with cast-magnesium construction and heavy-duty ball and needle bearing. Powerwise, this Hitachi miter saw holds up well. However, the 5755-01 is not without flaws.
Pros: depth-adjustment lever easy to use, 12-foot rubber cord with cord wrap and lighted plug. All it takes is a screwdriver, and you can replace worn brushes in seconds. Cons: Price. Miter saws are used to cut across the wood grain similar to the larger and more flexible crosscut saw. Pros: Professional-grade, durable, lightweight. As far as the design goes, there’s not too much to find fault with. To safely use a Hitachi miter saw, select the appropriate blade and firmly attach it to the handle. Simply put, it’s a cool tool, sleek and high-tech. The U-shaped bow frame holds a thin, wide blade between its spigots (clips) and a plastic or wood handle at one end.

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