Hand Saws – Razor Saws for Cutting Soft Metals, Plastic & Wood

Razor saws are a type of back saw, which includes finely-pitched crosscut teeth. These hand saws contain disposable/replaceable blades – as it is very difficult to sharpen their teeth due to their small size.

Razor saws come in a variety of teeth-per-inch (TPI), with more teeth indicating a finer saw blade. The average teeth per inch of a razor saw are 15 TPI. The finer blades can go up to as many as 60 TPI. The blades are primarily used for cutting plastic, wood and soft metal to a depth which depends on the depth of the blade. With a double faced metal edge, the top of the blade will only fit in particular slot sizes of miter boxes. These hand saws have a rigid back or holder which allows the blade to be able to cut straight lines that are useful for miter cuts in wider pieces of metal or wood.

There are various benefits associated with the usage of razor saws. First and foremost, the benefit of using these hand saws is that the presence of the thin blades allows them to cut soft metal, plastic or wood with a very small kerf, maintaining a neat and clean edge on both sides of the cut. Used with more teeth per inch, makes these saws a perfect alternative for fine inlay work on instruments or inlaid dollhouse furniture, railroad cars, track and plastic airplane kits. They also serve the purpose of cutting rod and thin tubing, mitering, slitting, and sawing of very delicate parts. Most of these hand saws cut only on the pull stroke. However, you can also find a huge assortment of razor saws with replaceable/removable blades which can also be used for push or pull strokes.

Without any doubt, these hand saws have become a perfect solution for hobbyists, notably Model boat, Model aircraft and Model railroad enthusiasts.

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