Going to build a glider I have a few questions.?

My name is Chandler and I am 15 years old, I know it sounds improbable but I am going to attempt to build a one person glider. It will have an open cockpit similar to a hang glider, but rigid wing supports and I’m going to use tough clear plastic to surface the wings. I will have no ailerons and it will be controlled by simply weight shifting. I play to tow it along behind my brothers truck and when enough speed and altitude is build, ill release it and glide down, in a perfect world that is. I have loads of experience building stuff with little to no materials, I built an underground shelter for no cost at all.

The thing is I don’t want to spend any money, and if I do have to spend money on it it needs to be for something I could never ever make I have all the tools, wood (cypress is all I have available) and utensils ready.

The problem I have with it, is the design. I have been working with a “flying wing” design, but it looks improbable. Ive sorted out the idea that I’m going to have to use a tail. Does anyone have any simple plans/blueprints of a rigid wing glider from the internet or any other source that I could base my design off of?

Also, if my wings are going to be about two and a half feet wide and about 25 feet long, at what speed will the glider produce enough lift to get off the ground if me and the whole thing together will weigh around 185 lbs? (assuming it has a standard airfoil)
Sorry for the grammar, I had to write this fast, as my mom was nagging over my shoulder.

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  1. dan says:

    sorry man, this isnt one of those things like building a go kart.

    These things take years if dsign and cost ALOT of money. some spare wood isnt going to work, your glider needs to be as light as possible so fibre glass and some foam stuff is really the only option. then you gotta get it tested. It has to be absolutley smooth and areodynamic.

    This cant be a back yard project. you really need lots and lots of expirience in aviation and stuff,

    sorry dude.

  2. FanMan says:

    Check out the Basic Ultralight Glider, or BUG:


    A rigid wing aircraft can’t be made much simpler and still be safe to fly.

    Also towing can be VERY dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

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