Getting the Job Done with Ryobi Power Tools

Ryobi power tools come in an assortment of different types so that the person can find just the right one to get the job done. The uniqueness of the Ryobi power tools is that they are cordless, which helps to add safety to the use of the tools. One of the greatest hazards in using power tools is the risk of a faulty power cord or the risk of cutting through a power cord when using a saw or other power tool, thus receiving a shock. With the Ryobi brand of power tools, individuals can obtain a high quality, powerful tool without the annoyance and risk of a power cord getting in the way. In addition, the Ryobi power tools have different options in the types of batteries that are used so that the right one can be chosen for the job. There are certain batteries that last much longer than the other ones, which is very useful for on site construction work rather than smaller project work that is done in a garage.

Types of Tools

One type of Ryobi power tool is the 18v auto-shift drill. This drill has a weight of almost four pounds, which is fairly heavy but it also has a heavy duty motor in it to produce the amount of torque needed for tough jobs. This drill has automatic gear box shifts to make it easy to use and automatically adaptable to the different situations that the individual might encounter on the job site. In addition, when the drill does the automatic shifting, the LED changes so that speed or power are obtained when needed. The clutch on the drill has twenty four positions and the chuck is one half inch heavy duty.

Another type of Ryobi power tool is the 18v compact drill, which is lighter and smaller so that is can reach places where the other drill will not fit. This drill only weighs three pounds, but still has the one half inch heavy duty chuck and has a twenty four position clutch like the other one. Another feature that is helpful, since this drill is often used in hard to reach places, is the magnetic holder that securely holds the extra drill bits and screws that are used with the drill on site.

Another popular item in the Ryobi power tools is the 18v circular saw. This saw has a blade size of five and a half inches and the saw itself weights about five pounds, making it easy to handle. It has an RPM of forty-two hundred with no load and is center balanced so that it also makes it easier to handle. When two handed use is needed, there is a front pommel so that the individual can more securely use the saw.

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