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(Digital-camera-battery.net)–It’s time for a new set of power tools and you’re in luck because there are lots power tools batteries to choose from. In general,  a new breed of cordless drill tools are lighter weight,  compact  and loaded with power. When it’s time to buy, consider the combos, which typically feature a cordless drill/driver, circular saw and a work light. Combination pricing is a better value and even though you don’t need that third or fourth power tool today, in the future,  it may come in handy.

Lithium-ion is the optimum power source. First introduced in 1991, lithium-ion batteries are  used in laptop computers,  cordless lawn and garden equipment, digital cameras, camcorders, barcode scanners, PDA’s, pacemakers, watches and more widely.

Cordless power tools were powered by NiCad or nickel metal hydride batteries prior to lithium-ion technology. Lithium-ion batteries are at a premium. Experts say the cost are different between lithium-ion and NiCad. the cost differential is thirty percent. As demand increases, that figure will change. However, lithium-ion batteries are lighter weight, before replacement, have no memory effect owing to charging, provide thirty to fourty percent more recharges and last four times longer than NiCad batteries.

Home centers, such as Menards® typically feature both platforms. The MasterForce® power tool line with FlexPower™ technology allows one to select any combination of tool battery power and performance. Lithium-ion or NiCad, these cordless power tools are designed to work off either platform. The 18V quick charger handles both battery types. All too often, homeowners opt for two battery packs to keep tools and projects going all day. While one battery is working, the other cradles the charger so it’s ready when needed.

Take note of the battery’s amp hour rating. The larger the number, the longer the run time. for instance, users have a choice of choosing 1.5 Ah or 3 Ah batteries in MasterForce lithium-ion batteries. The cost differential is minimal, so choosing  the larger amp hour battery pays dividends.

Remodeling projects, such as applying drywall, garage storage, installing kitchen or utility cabinets, custom closet shelving, installing mini-blinds hardware or framing a basement –through out the house or jobsite, the MasterForce line of 18 volt lithium-ion power tools help provide all the encouragement needed to tackle projects.

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