Flex XC 3401 VRG vs. Porter Cable 7424

This video shows and compares the cutting differences between the Flex XC 3401 random orbital and the Porter Cable 7424 random orbital using Menzerna po106ff and a Lake Country Polishing pad. Go to paintcare-n-detailing.com for my review of the Flex XC 3401 VRG random orbital polisher, higher resolution videos and more information about detailing.

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  1. MultiGadgetguy says:

    wow thats awesome I love the finish from the
    Flex XC 3401

  2. trencher7 says:

    I imagine the new PC 7424 XP is much better.

  3. sirikit says:

    this is not a fair comparison…for a fair comparison find a forced orbital like the makita bo6040

  4. sharpanator says:

    can i use only the 3401 for car detailing or should i also buy the 3403?? Somebody said the 3403 is for removing deeper scratches and the 3401 for swirl marks??

  5. 200103511 says:

    LOL!!!! One of these is a Flex product, read the description. And these are random orbital buffers, not rotary. ^^~

  6. cup1981 says:

    Thanks for the video!! I am a mobile detailer in the Tampa, FL area and I am looking to upgrade my polisher. I have been debating between these two and your video really made my mind up to go for the Flex polisher… THANKS!!

  7. zero10iz says:

    Simply because the lower power of the PC makes it a safer tool for the beginner, is $150 dollars cheaper (that’s quite a lot), and speed is not as big of a deal as if you were a for profit detailer.

  8. EnduranceT says:

    Why do you say this?

  9. LoveThyPitBull says:

    The product will “flash” or turn translucent. The should always be product left to remove, if not you are basically dry buffing and just scratched up your clear coat.
    Also machining buffing by a real pro can take any where from 5-7 hours to do a full exterior detail depending on how bad the paint is.

  10. MaicoMoon says:

    Wow, I didn’t know that even with a machine that polishing takes that long. How do you know when to stop polishing though? It still looked as though there was still product on the car.

  11. 69Accord69 says:

    max 3000 rpm. Most dual action machines will not go past that.

  12. sharpanator says:

    but those polishers can only polish in circles right? what about those with the up and down rotation, are those better and ive heard that you dont see the swirl marks from the machine after the polishing. Here in germany the ppl like Festool Rotex and Flex products.

  13. HoldenCaulfield04 says:

    Excellent video, blkyukon. See you around Autopia.

  14. dieseldizzy says:

    what RPM do you recommend for polishing? Obviously the higher the better? No?

  15. pucholo143 says:

    ow ok thanks!

  16. blkyukon says:

    It’s actually only 2.5x more expensive ($250 for the Flex $100 for the PC 7424) I agree if you are only polishing your own cars, invest in the PC…but if you plan to detail more cars than you own (on the side for some money), the Flex 3401 is the way to go.

  17. blkyukon says:

    The alcohol will remove any oils/carrying agents/fillers left on the paint from the polish. By doing this it wii allow you to see if the marring was actually removed instead of just masked by the oils/fillers.

  18. pucholo143 says:

    whats the purpose of applying 50/50 alcohol and water? what does it do?

  19. 3dskid says:

    but the Flex XC 3401 VRG cost 4x more than the Porter Cable 7424

  20. blkyukon says:

    If you are only going to use it occasionally, I’d recommend getting a PC 7424 or UDM. A PC works great and with the money you save you can get some smaller pads (4″). The smaller pad can faster and remove some deeper scratches or marring.

  21. elziffo says:

    Thanks. I hadn’t heard about this DA machine before. I was all set to order the PC. For someone that only occasionally uses a buffer, is there enough of a difference between the PC and the Flex to justify the cost difference?

  22. blkyukon says:

    I actually was…I was using various amounts of pressure throughout the entire video to see if I could get it to bog down. It never did skip a beat.

  23. blkyukon says:

    Yes, you can but you will still need to finish with a finishing polish/polishing pad…so it can end up taking 2 step to do the same amount of polishing that the Flex 3401 did in one step.

  24. elziffo says:

    At 1:50 or so the sound on the Flex gets very labored. Almost as if you were applying a great deal more pressure on that machine.

  25. e30m3izzle says:

    You can get the same results on a pc with a 5.5 orange pad and sip

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