Flex XC 3401 VRG vs. Porter Cable 7424 HD

This video shows and compares the cutting differences between the Flex XC 3401 random orbital and the Porter Cable 7424 random orbital using Menzerna po106ff and a Lake Country Polishing pad in HD. Go to paintcare-n-detailing.com for my review of the Flex XC 3401 VRG random orbital polisher, higher resolution videos and more information about detailing.

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  1. DmeloCup says:

    Menzerna PO106FA with Flex 3401 VRG and L.Country 5.5 white polishing pad removes low swirls and low holograms of a new paint black?????? (((( New Car with 4 monts, cames with low swirls, the workshop polished the car , dont remove the swirls, just created low holograms.))))

  2. sirikit says:

    waiting for the comparison to the Makita bo6040.

  3. ericwitt04 says:

    well, I am sold, and i just ordered one!

  4. blkyukon says:

    1. It’s very light marring on the paint and I didn’t need anything too aggressive.

    2. It depends…everyone has their own style and technique. If you are getting the results you desire. I usually will slow down the passes with heavier marring or with more aggressive polishes.

  5. J1Z06 says:

    ok, 1. you’re using a white pad? how come?

    2., i use much slower movement when using my FLEX. is it better to move it a little more quickly or does it matter?

  6. blkyukon says:

    Of course it would, but the purpose of this video is to show the cutting abilities between the 2 machines using the same polish and pad.

  7. blkyukon says:

    Thanks and you are right…in the info section of this video there is a link to my review of the Flex that covers that.

  8. hometechnc says:

    and oh yea….using a LC light cutting pad on the Porter Cable would speed things up a bit as well.

    Let’s keep it real here.

  9. hometechnc says:

    Well done, but the Flex costs $300 and the Porter Cable HD costs half as much at $150.
    So the novice who will do their own car can spend a little extra time and save $150, whereas the Pro can spend more and save time…right?

  10. maniGGG says:

    Excellent comparo!

  11. willibn says:

    Thanks for this great video!

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