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Fein 9 55 13
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In this vacuum, to 12 years. The best feature of this vacuum, as it was quiet. (You can easily talk about), used as a vacuum clean the car and collecting dust on my plasterboard and drum Saunders, to work continuously for several hours. Filter for re-use, and lasted for about 10 years. rubber adapter Tool chords, snake still looks good and use it to 1-1/4 instruments (hard-line approach may be). Exhaust and automatic on / off feature is nice when using Sander. Fumes began to emerge from the wall a few years. In the past two years was as loud as $ 50 at AC roar of the engine. I now have hearing protection. 
Latest update: I bought a new engine for the 165, it automatically returns to the place and came to rest


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Gone through 2 of them

First off, I must say that while the product worked it was completely awesome. Quiet, small, great suction, loved the power tool switch, and it would run for hours on end. I gave mine a pretty good workout finish sanding bevelled siding after the siding had been stripped of paint. No complaints about it, the machine took the fine dust without a complaint. 

The first Turbo 2 fell to its death off my painter’s plank. I took it in to a Fein service center, and they told me that it would be more expensive to repair the motor than to buy a new vaccuum. OK, so now I have a parts supply for the replacement. 

The second Turbo 2 seems to have gagged itself on drywall dust. As other reviewers mentioned, the motor started smelling hot and got a lot louder. Again, too expensive to repair. 

I see the new ones are a lot more expensive, and require new filtration accessories. I never used any accessories, just the standard cloth filter bag. Until the most recent demise, there were no problems with using the standard filter. The filter bag would be caked in crap, but the motor would be clean. Now, I need to spend $[…], AND buy extra filters??? 

For the price, I’ll be looking at Festool, Porter-Cable, or Wap’s machines.
Fantastic All-Purpose Vacuum

I have utilized many shop vacs and home vacs over the years, just like most people, I’m sure. And I have come to the conclusion that buying a home vacuum is foolish when a shop vac will work much better and is more versatile. I bought this vacuum in conjunction with a Fein Multimaster but I also use it to vacuum my home. It is very quite with none of the typical high-pitched whining we’ve all come to love about shop vacs. This vac has very strong suction and, for home use, works better than a dedicated $600 vacuum I once owned. For the shop, in dry work I use the HEPA filter with great results. Yes, the attachments cost extra but they work well. If I had a complaint it would be that the european version can be registered for the 3 year warranty but not the U.S. version.
pieces not included

The vacuum is powerful and compact. I felt ripped off when the price ended up not including the hoses and attachments. I had to spend an extra $150 or there abouts for the extras.

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