Fast speeds but poor battery life

The Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg reviewed Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G smartphone, concluding that the device offer the highest consistent downstream data speeds he has ever seen, but the speeds weren’t anywhere close to the typical maximum speed Sprint claims. Moreover, the EVO’s battery runs down fast. His testing revealed that the battery didn’t last through a full day with WiMAX enabled.

“The carrier, in fact, is thinking of advising users to turn off the 4G network access when they don’t think they need it, to save battery life. This undercuts the whole idea of faster cellular speeds,” Mossberg said.(Power Tool Battery For MAKITA 1233)

Mossberg said that Sprint claims average users will see downstream data speeds of between 3 and 6 megabits per second via WiMAX. In Baltimore, Mossberg said he averaged 3.4 Mbps downstream via WiMAX and under 1 Mbps upstream. The upstream speed is capped by Sprint at 1 Mbps.(Power Tool Battery For MAKITA 1422)

Still, the EVO was faster than the Apple iPhone on AT&T’sĀ  network, while the VerizonĀ  Droid Incredible averaged about 2 Mbps downstream in the same markets Mossberg tested the EVO.( Power Tool Battery For NATIONAL EZ9137 )

Understanding your Power Tool Battery needs

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Can I recharge an old power tool battery after it seems to have stopped taking a charge?

There is a belief that you can recondition your old nickel based battery. Nickel based batteries will crystallize after a period of time and use. Some people say that you can break up the crystallization by running the battery at a very low volt (.5V or less) over a long period of time, and doing this over and over a couple of times as the battery drains. However this process can take a long time and has not been scientifically proven to work, so in most cases, your best bet is to replace the old battery.

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