Different Types of Cordless Power Tools

Nearly any electric powered instrument is available either with a
power cord or in a cordless, battery operated model. Cordless power tools are
typically drills and/or drill/drivers, table saws, and reciprocating saws.
Compact, lightweight, commonly hand-held, cordless power tools do not require an
outside power source while in use. In that lies the convenience of these
tools; they can be used any place. Other available
examples of handheld tools are a circular saw or trim saw,
planer, and jigsaw.
The most typical battery used in todayscordless
power tools is the 18 volt Lithium-ion battery. Li-ion batteries are square,
black, comparatively powerful, rapidly reversible, have long operational
lives and are slow to discharge when not in use. Li-ion batteries,
nevertheless, are somewhat fickle and easily beaten-up from being too profoundly
discharged. Tools that commonly employ a Li-ion battery would be a
movable band saw, a rotary sander, chain saw, nail gun, router,
rotary sander, or belt sander.
One of the initial cordless power tools
to be produced was the electric screwdriver which, at its entry, was powered by
the normal, non-rechargeable, alkalic “D” battery. Then, with the
production of the nickel-cadmium reversible battery in the mid-1950s,
batteries for cordless power tools could be recharged after usage rather than
being thrown out, as is the case with normal alkaline batteries. Although
less fickle, and imperviable to over-discharge, NiCad batteries are unequal to
the task of storing the same amount of electricity as a Li-ion battery.
Thus, a NiCad battery may power a hand-held grinder, electric screwdriver, or
staple gun.
While cordless power tools are at times known as wireless power
tools, the word  “wireless” is more usually and suitably applied to
communications technology. Because of the electrical needs of the moving parts
normal to each power tool, its wiring is generally more
robust than the cabling usable for wireless communications. Thus, searching
in the toolbox once more, one may get such cordless power tools as handheld
vacuums, pruning shears and solidify vibrators. But it is always advised to
buy tools after reading a cordless power tools review.
Disadvantages of
Cordless Tool
Two primary disadvantages of cordless power tools are
their limited torque and comparatively short period of peak power. The
utility of any cordless power tool is only as good as the battery that powers
it, and all batteries have their limitations. Occaisionally batteries can die in
the midst of being used, forcing a recharging period or opting for a more
conventional a/c powered alternative. When performing a job, it’ s always a
good idea to know the limitations of the tools to be

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