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When I was in construction I used dewalt tools so recently I stopped at a De Walt tool demonstration and even though I don’t use the tools any more I still like seeing what’s new.

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  1. clebrowns87 says:

    DeWalt sucks. Love Milwaukee

  2. freddytk421 says:

    I would buy hilti but those jerk hilti reps at homedepot always try to get in my face and try to get me to put back what I just put in my cart and buy a crappy hilti instead. Hilti is garbage, they only charge so much because they have to pay those asshole reps to sucker people into buying their garbage.

  3. cyrex370 says:

    Wake up people! Festool invented in 1964. First plunge cut saw with guide rail system, a landmark in precision. Made in Germany

  4. kaos3124 says:

    When did john ritter start working for DeWalt?

  5. ririshow says:

    Shit that saw is a pale copy of the festool stuff.

  6. 8tyman8 says:

    what do the french say to hilti …… garbage

  7. NMEneo says:

    I love it when morons try to compare Makita or Bosch or even crap-tacular Dewalts to Hilti. Always good for a laugh – keep throwin your money away every 1-3 years while my Hilti’s keep on truckin and eatin other brands for breakfast everyday!! hahahahaa. Thankyou for saving me Man hours Hilti.

  8. greggtelian says:

    i’ve had de walt 18v drill, circular saw, reciprocating saw and grinder for 8 years – worked hard, fallen from roofs and attics. Still work, still strong. No complaints

  9. toolreviews says:

    Interesting video about DeWalt, and thanks for sharing…

  10. albanozi1 says:

    HILTI all the way if you want tools that outperform!!!

  11. spahnman says:

    I realy like the new porter cable I bought the impact driver,hammerdrill and cordless circular saw and it’s just as powerful as dewalt or makita my brother own’s the makita and my porter cable blew them away in power and speed I didn’t go up against dewalt but believe me just as powerful for half the price well made nice tool’s.

  12. douglas787 says:

    I loved the part were he says 800 charging cycles for the 18 volt battery. I have never seen those things last two years charging them three times a week before they were complete junk.

  13. MrToolstop says:

    I went to one of the Dewalt demo days at the Garfield Hotel in Stepps, in Scotland in the middle of January and it was totally freezing. I remember getting to sit in the back of a van to get a demo and it was heaven to get out of the cold.

  14. mathol says:

    dewalt is the best tool brand .. by far better than makita and bosch …never been disappointed with dewalt tools hilti are good tools ..right but soooo expensive .. I like that track saw but it is expensive .. I manage to do about the same thing but with a regular 7 1/4 circular saw

  15. steevestuff says:

    one word FESTOOL

  16. likeaaaglove says:

    Unfortunately dewalt/black & decker will just never be quite heavy duty enough , they had it over makita there around 5 yrs ago but makita has turned that back around . Dewalt just needs to make their tools more reliable and less tacky .

  17. SuperToolGuy says:

    Dewalt is great for Mr. Homeowner but will never equal Hilti performance

  18. SuperToolGuy says:

    Dewalt is great for Mr. Homeowner but will never equal Hilti performance

  19. ermcc8 says:

    Only an idiot buys Hilti. The most overpriced item in the world. Can’t even compete with Makita or Bosch.

  20. ollieflp says:

    dewalt is cool but i cant help hearing bla bla bla sell sell boring

  21. NMEneo says:

    dewalt has lower end cordless – better for the home owner.
    Only real professional grade tool is HILTI is will always be HILTI.

  22. Moe7133 says:

    I love dewalt. They are the best at what they do. You should look at their 36V cordless items, it owns.

  23. sayhuh9 says:

    I bought the Makita plunge saw, that machine is SWEET! It has more capacity’s and features…plus the price is alot cheaper as well! Buy Makita. Model is SP6000K. Trust me, you will love it!

  24. xkennyPLx says:


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