DEWALT DC720KA 18-Volt Compact Drill

My son gave me my first 18-volt cordless drill (Black & Decker) four years ago. It was adequate for light use, but lacked power. I upgraded to the DEWALT DC720KA 18-Volt Compact Drill when I started my barn project. I have definitely not been disappointed. It has far more power than my B&D and the two speed feature is a big plus allowing a slower speed for driving screws and a higher speed for drilling metals. The 1 hour charge feature is a big plus.

Love this DEWALT DC720KA Drill. We made a video manual for this drill on (under Tools). The drill is very simple to use, but if you are more visual and don’t want to to read instructions – this is a quick way to see what it does, and how to use it. In my opinion the video is more useful for woman like me, who want to feel more comfortable using a drill for the first time (I remember using a screwdriver forever because I just wasn’t so sure what kind of damage I can do with an electric tool).

We bought it when we decided to build a loft and didn’t want to use our cheap drill for such a big project. We use it all the time for quick fixes around the house. This drill is light and feels great in the hand. The speed control is very good too. And I never used to bother with speed controls on my drill before.

You get what you pay for. DEWALT DC720KA is a fantastic drill and has met all of my needs. I’m not a contractor or put the drill to heavy use, but it does everything I ask. I really should review it in 10 years, but since I just got it, it has exceeded expectation so far. Amazon had the best price anywhere and I got quite a deal. Drill, case, 2 batteries, charger. More power, longer lasting on a charge, and more heavy duty than any drill I have had previously.

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