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I am using the 24 volt NATO outlet to power my 18 volt Dewalt cordless power tools. Previous videos showed me using one 12 volt car battery to power Dewalt cordless tools but the voltage was insufficient so I went to the 24 volt application accordingly. Let’s face it, Dewalt makes outstanding cordless tools but inferior battery packs that just don’t last and are outragious to purchase ($89.00 each over at Home Depot). With this application you can use any household or contractor extension cord to route the power from the source to your job site. I made the female plug adaptor from an old NATO jumper cable end that I replaced with a new part that I bought on Ebay. It got to the point where I had only one useable 18 volt battery left to power all of my Dewalt tools and eventually that bit the dust too. I just could not see spending almost $100.00 for one new 18 volt replacement battery so, as they say, “Necessity is the mother of invention”. Not everyone has a military truck to use so you can accomplish the same results by hooking two 12 volt batteries in series. There are even A/C transformers that put out 18-24 volts that can also be used to circumvent the need for a Dewalt battery for your tools. Next I will show you how to use Riobi 18 volt batteries to power your dewalt cordless power tools.

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  1. sum1uallno says:

    Forget the saw i want that truck. One bad ass truck.

  2. aboonski says:

    No problem so far. When used with a long extension cord the resistance in the cord brings the voltage down considerably – around 18 volts. The difference is there is no “fade” in the voltage like you would get with the battery as it runs down while being used. I just converted a 14.4 volt Dewalt battery hust like you see in this video but only use a 12 volt battery to run those tools. An auto battery charger generally puts out abaout 14 volts and can also be used as a power source.

  3. jasongilmou says:

    that cant be to good for the saw running it that fast? but that is very good idea

  4. dewalt23293 says:

    the inside one is always positive

  5. dewalt23293 says:

    its always the inside one

  6. 8tyman8 says:

    you can get them in brockvill on ca for 50$

  7. aboonski says:

    If you have a voltohmeter, you can easily find the positive post by testing each tab of the battery. You will know which oe it is when the voltage reads correctly on the meter.

  8. aboonski says:

    The PRICE is what discourages me from purchasing ANY Dewalt battery!

  9. vasilliko says:

    which side is +ve on the dewalt drill?it doesnt have the symbol on it.

  10. wickedweekend says:

    The new dewalt nano lithium’s look pretty good to me

  11. aboonski says:

    Actually you can use one of those jump starting devices instead of a motorcycle battery.

  12. aboonski says:

    Dewalt makes superb cordless tools – perhaps the best on the market. Their batteries are not good because the cost too much and they do not last. When I purchased my Dewalt equipment I had no idea the batteries were only good for “X” number of charges (forgot the exact amount) so when all of my batteries died off one by one, and I saw the price of replacement Dewalt 18 volt batteries this is what I did to solve my problem. It does work by the way.

  13. Feif64 says:

    So if you hate Dewalt products so much, then why do you bother even buying them. Get something else, problem solved.

  14. interd0g says:

    DeWalt batteries suck. I have to wait and buy these when I visit the usa once a year. I hardly use the drill an hour running in a year. I get between 1 and 2 years , or 2 hours running, That’s like 40$ an hour! They say leave them on the charger so that’; what I do.
    So this video gives me an idea.
    I’ll do like he says, but I’ll carry a 12 volt motorcycle (lead/acid) around with a handle on it. It’ll have 10 time thre capacity of the dewalt.
    Save myself $40/hour ad i can retire right away.

  15. doug2877 says:

    you rock bro

  16. aboonski says:

    Dewalt makes awesome cordless tools that are all well engineered and built to last. The cheapest, or should I say cheesiest part of their product happens to be what powers it. Always remember this: “A product is only as good as its cheapest part”

  17. zakzak000 says:

    I understand where your coming from and I never buy Dewalt, I’m a Makita man! The batteries are also reasonably priced.

  18. aboonski says:

    I just wanted to show one unusual way to power a cordless drill in the event you are out working on a job site where a 120 volt A/C power source may not be availble to plug a transformer or charger in. Dewalt batteries are pure crap so I get around buying new ones by using my “cheat” battery which deprives Dewalt out of a sale – that’s really my main objective. If more people did this and the batteries were not selling, Dewalt would soon drop the price of replacement batteries in a hurry.

  19. zakzak000 says:

    Erm isn’t this defeating the purpose though? You buy a cordless for it being cordless. And If I really wanted to save on batteries I’d get a transformer and hook that up instead.

  20. aboonski says:

    If I bought any more Dewalt power tools they would still be 18 volt. I can’t imagine what the cost of one of their 24 volt batteries would be! The present system I am using to “cheat” buying any more of their batteries works just fine. When Dewalt decides to reduce the price of their batteries to half of what they sell for now I will start buying them again; meanwhile I am working on a new “cheat ” to use Ryobi 18 volt batteries for my Dewalt tools and will post a video of that soon.

  21. dewalt23293 says:

    you should get a 24v dewalt saw

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