Detailing, Oxidation Removal with the Porter Cable 7424

Detailing, Oxidation Removal with the Porter Cable 7424, Meguiars Cutting Pad and Poorboys SSR3 Go to for more info and videos!

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  1. superbran2008 says:

    wow thats wel the same ?? t cut and a cloth would hav done the same and some cheep turtle wax @ $1 giv it a year and it will hav started rusting on the edjes lol

  2. Thomasss1 says:

    Meguiars Cutting Pad and Poorboys SSR3
    read carefully 🙂

  3. MacAppleJack says:

    hat brand of polish wax did you use? looks great

  4. CarCleaningUK says:

    cool vid and nice before and after shots. Come along to my new car detailing forum (link on profile). Currently running a competetion to win a detailing kit, so register and join in.

  5. 250xFlow says:

    Set it too fast….I found using them at a slower speed leaves less swirl marks or lines, massaging it in the paint works better

  6. Busta00764 says:

    I was just being hard on you.. It definitely did a good job removing oxidation. One thing I was weary about watching the video is the pressure, speed, and hover period that you used. Paint can get extremely hot using those techniques and that scared me, but then realized it was a DA

  7. blkyukon says:

    This video demonstrates the Porter Cable 7424’s ability to cut through severely neglected paint…not a demo from start to finish. My other video “car polishing -heavy swirls removal” shows this same truck from start to finish if you are interested. And actually, if SSR3 is used properly can yield a decent finish with very little hazing left behind.

  8. Busta00764 says:

    That was a cut, where’s the polish? Don’t get any real lights on that.. swirl city

  9. blkyukon says:

    Yes, you are correct, a rotary will do it much faster, but this demo is showing that with the right product/pad combo, a Dual Action Orbital Polisher (Porter Cable 7336/7424) can remove some heavy oxidation and swirls…

  10. upodium says:

    The PC runs in oscillations – not RPM’s. You can do a better job with a rotary/high speed in 1/2 the time. PC’s are good tools but not designed as a problem solver.

  11. massdestruction99 says:

    If you will be paying the bill

  12. lj90 says:

    are you both blind?

  13. Irkie500 says:

    sounds to me like he was on 4-5 to work it in then went up to 7-8 for polishing.

  14. dawantedgangsta says:

    well done mate, learnt heaps


  15. Spahi77 says:

    depending on your car, and the paint/clear. some cars need to be cut slightly, others don’t, and need a fine scratch remover,and polish, etc…as far as polisher, the makita is great, and dewalt, and porter cable makes comparable units.

  16. Spahi77 says:

    re-paint the car!

  17. Irkie500 says:

    most of the time you dont want to apply a lot of pressure for fear of burning the paint, just let the buffer do its job by guideing it gently.

  18. dieseldizzy says:

    What RPM are you working at when detailing?

  19. VOLTIS5 says:

    how much pressure do you apply when using using a buffer? im thinking of getting one and i haven’t used one before. any hints and tips?

  20. blkyukon says:

    There are many places to purchase the Porter Cable 7424 online…autogeek, detailedimage, topoftheline, etc. Check out my site for a list of detailing products that I recommended. Paintcare & Detailing

  21. IOWNGT40 says:

    where can I purchase the porter cble 7424 and the pad along with the wax, what exactly are the brands, and where can I get them, Im very amazed with this video!!!

  22. stammel1 says:

    i have VERY deep oxidation…how do i remove it

  23. blkyukon says:

    I don’t know what kind of buffers they are using but all the polishers I’ve used(dual action & rotary), the pads attach to a backing plate and not a bolt, so there is no way for the bolt to touch the paint.

  24. mustang50dominates says:

    I would never use a power buffer. I’ve heard way to many stories about how the bolt that holds the pad comes through and scratches your paint

  25. imransmom says:

    polishing is a BIAATCH, takes hours, but once you stand back and take a glimpse of that finish, its well worth it.

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