Cutting through Carbon Steel Alloy with DeWalt Cut Off Tool?

I have a DeWalt DC410KA cut off tool and I need to cut through some 3/4″ think carbon steel alloy rods. What type or brand of cut off disc should I use? Is the general purpose disc going to be up to the task? Thanks.

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  1. lindner74 says:

    Sure, the regular cutting disks with cut right through them. Harder materials actually cut easier than some of the milder steels.

  2. dennis_phillips7 says:

    You said some rods. You didn’t say how many. A cut off tool will do it with any of the disc that fits the tool, but you are getting into some tuff work there if you have many at all to cut.
    Unless you order the disc from somewhere like Harbor Frieght in packs of ten, the disc will cost you an arm and a leg They wear out really fast and especially on something 3/4″ thick.
    It would be better for you to find a good small welding/machine shop and have them cut them for you on the band saw. They could cut 10 or 15 while you are trying to get one cut with the cut off tool.
    I do things the hard way too, but not when I have a choise in the matter.
    They will probably make each cut fot a buck and you will spend 2 or 3 bucks per cut fro the disc.
    Hope this helps you out.

  3. Steven W says:

    I agree with number 2, in that general purpose wheels shouldn’t be expected to have a life span of forever. Certainly you can purchase the correct size in a diamond wheel, but as #2 states the effectiveness and your labor are dependant on how many rods you need cut. IE: If I’m using 1000 pieces of rebar, I’d hardly bother with a cut off wheel for sizing.

    Steven Wolf

  4. buzzards27 says:

    You need to know the properties of the material you are cutting. Just ask the supplier what they use.

    Most steels should cut with a metal cutoff wheel. That is how I cut rebar.

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