Cordless Power Screwdriver – A Brief Introduction

My father was basically a jack of all trades when it came to do it yourself work.

At one time we actually built a 1400 square foot mountain home or cabin during a summer with modest professional hired help.

My dad was in a position to take some time off of work and we used about 1 month doing work on on the cabin uninterrupted.

We built completely up to the roofing, with regular plumbing and electrical.

This was no minor accomplishment I can reveal to you, as the work integrated many relatively big beams to reinforce the roof and anticipated snow pack.

Then, we would drive a two hour drive from our house up to the mountain site on the week-ends to work on specific ventures to finish off the cabin, always because of the assistance of my dad’s friends who had the personal experience required for the work at hand.

I looked forward to our weekend jaunts and the work ventures very much.

I recall him proclaiming you have got to utilise the most suitable tool for the job and observed this confirmed over and over as we proceeded from the foundation, to floor, to walls and windows, to roofing, to interior flooring, porcelain tile, staining, and furnishings.

He would have loved the cordless power screwdriver.

I was always shocked by the quantity of money we expended on tools each weekend for what I assumed was merely a 1 time use.

I immediately came to discover that without having the appropriate tool, the job would not get done well, or often not at all, and we all would have thrown away a lot of time.

My preferred tools during this point in time were a hammer, the power drill and screwdrivers. Uncomplicated and very handy for the work I was provided.

Right now I am grown up and have my very own works.

The one tool I have these days that I wish I just had in those days is the cord-less power screwdriver.

My cordless power screwdriver has been my favored tool from the first time I used it.

These days battery power technique has moved on such quite a distance that the difficulty with keeping the power tool sufficiently charged are simply gone.

My personal high power, high efficiency cord-less power screwdriver works by using Lithium-Ion extended run-time batteries for lengthy run-time and battery life.

At the present time you’ll find a lot of cord-less power tools and I must admit I want them all, but my cord less power screwdriver is nevertheless the power tool I work with the most.

This useful tool is also known as a cord less power driver and even cordless hammerdrill.

Do not be puzzled, they are talking about the same exact kind of power tool despite the fact that there may very well be some little disparities in functioning ability, which means that it is really necessary to verify the general performance descriptions.

Significant elements to consider are battery design, torque and speeds.

Lithium-Ion batteries are generally the best, nevertheless in the event that you have a tool that utilizes older sorts like Ni-Cd or Ni-Mh these batteries can many times be replaced to prolong the usefulness of your cord less power tool, although even new ones for you will be old.

In some cases the battery pack can be rebuilt, supplying you with a fresh battery pack.

A rapid browse on the world wide web will present a number of such manufacturers.

As for speed and torque, torque is unquestionably the more essential spec to give consideration to.

Torque equals the power behind the speed, generally speaking, the larger the torque, the better.

For more data on cordless power drivers, visit

I am an avid handyman and firmly believe that there is a right tool for the job and it is worth finding out what that tool

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