Cleaning rusty power tools?

I have inherited a collection of power tools including a jigsaw, two miter saws, a drill, a router and a belt sander. All but the router suffer from a mild to moderate case of rust. They are all still in fine working condition.

What is the best way to clean and polish them up for safe and proper use?

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  1. LuckyD says:

    the brushes may need to be replaced if you turn any of them on and smell a burn. other than that, appearance means nothing. sandpaper or WD-40 with a rag will clean them up.

  2. Dr. Feelgood says:

    safety nor proper use should be affected…it is a cosmetic problem… as mentioned wd will do well.
    also there is a product called navel jelly, i think for this purpose, but i havlent seen it in years nor ever used it.

  3. niceindian35 says:

    First you should wipe without rust and dust, then soak it with some used engine oil, rub it with some rag, then it will be okey. very simple it will be.

  4. Bricky Local 9 PA says:

    naval jelly…steel wool…

  5. split dog says:

    Have dad’s old tools & try to keep after rust.
    If its just light surface rust & everything else is OK
    Dry” scotchbrite “pads work well.
    I also use a “scotch” paint/ rust removal wheel on a drill for heavier stuff & a wire wheel for a better finish.
    Don’t know about ” best” way, but this works & after cleanup
    I coat the tools w/ pastewax rather than WD40 or oil which hold dust .
    Best regards

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