Choosing the Right Makita Power Tool Battery

There are many power tool sets by Makita that are cordless, which means that the tools within the set all run on batteries. This is a great feature to have in power tools since power cords can often get in the way of the person that is using it. First, the power cords have to stretch all the way across the construction site in most cases, leaving the floor littered with cords which becomes hazardous to the workers. Second, the power cords can become damaged, and if the cords have a tear in the insulation, then the person can become shocked by the wires touching any metal object that another person might be carrying. The power cords can also get in the way of the machine itself and become cut, which also gives the possibility of shocking the person using the tool.


There are about six different types of Makita power tool batteries on the market today. There are also different chargers that can be bought to match the types of batteries to keep them at full capacity. The smallest type of battery is the 7.2v battery which can be used in the smaller versions of power tools by Makita. This battery can usually be recharged in less than an hour, making it very usable at a construction site, swapping out batteries when one needs charging, with the other battery ready in less than an hour for use again.

Another size of Makita power tool batteries is the 9.6v battery. This can be used with the larger tools provided by Makita and also charges in about an hour, making it a versatile battery for the products that need that size. The more standard size of Makita power tool batteries is the 12v, which is used in many of the average size tools, although it does not hold its charge as long as the 14.4v or the 18v batteries do. It also does not contain the amount of power that the 18v has, but they are less expensive to use and also charge very quickly. The 24 v battery is the highest voltage available in the Makita power tool batteries. This battery is a more complex system, with a forced air cooling system to circulate air through the battery to cool it. This helps to extend the battery life of this expensive battery which can run from two hundred to three hundred fifty dollars. It also has a memory chip in it that records the usage of the battery.

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