Car polishing featuring Porter Cable 7424

Car polishing featuring the Porter Cable 7424 and Pinnacle Natural Brilliance polishes

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  1. yippe says:

    there is an awfull lot to learn about detailing a car. quick answer is no, you dont need this machine, but it does make things alot easier if your a detailer. but remember that a wax and polish on a car is only done 2-3 times a year anyway. wax should last atleast 6 months if its good quality. So do you really need a 500 ROP that gets used 3 times a year?

  2. Ash1955 says:

    Best to go to a forum like the autogeek one or detailing world. There is a lot too learn about detailing and this isn’t the best place ;-).

  3. urkingod says:

    1) Do I really need that machine?
    2) When do I use a rubbing compound ?
    3) When do I use a wool pad ?
    4) What is the difference between using a rubbing compound and polisher?


  4. ThePaveyMachine says:

    such a great basic easy to understand video….

  5. Trenthian says:

    what kind of towel is he using to wipe off the polish?

  6. cooleb says:

    these are normal hid light found in any hardware store

  7. mrjost55 says:

    how expensive are the lights?

  8. wayside5 says:

    idk yet i havnt recieved it yet .

  9. TeamEagle01 says:

    how easy is it to use this stuff

  10. wayside5 says:

    i just ordered all of that stuff! thanks for the informative video!

  11. Gromitdog1 says:

    nice tool, good informative info, thanks.

  12. autogeek says:

    autogeek net

  13. itsmecodyp says:

    where can you get that stuff?

  14. iomg8gt says:

    Fantastic videos. I appreciate the info, heading out to get a polisher tomorrow.

  15. Irkie500 says:

    You have to understand he is also teaching while polishing. If he just went at it he could do it in 2 hrs I bet, maybe less.

  16. jsj24uk says:

    Thanks for this video. Great advice. Thanks.

  17. eschriver says:

    Yes, yes it is. It’s also good if you want a car that looks like you take care of it.

  18. escortpwr05 says:

    is that yes it needs to be done before the wax? or yes its done?

  19. sscobalt815 says:

    this is good if you want to spend 3 hours just polishing

  20. csofos says:

    very nice job to do!!! i would like to do so.

  21. 565Customz says:

    wash the car then clean then polish then glaze and wax.

  22. efnbox says:

    do you use the cleansing lotion after the polish and before the wax

  23. RecordingGuy says:

    I just ordered a but load of crap from you guys, .. your video’s sold me, i am collection them, and starting my own business, using all Pinnacle products with the porter cable 7424 – good stuff, great job with the vids, smart!

  24. RecordingGuy says:

    is the “Paintwork cleansing lotion” a step that nees to happen before the wax goes on? or is the car now completely done? thanks

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