Car detailing with the Porter Cable 7424 7336

Swirl& Scratch removal with the Porter Cable 7424 using Menzerna Super Intense Polish and PO106FF. For more information on Detailing go to Music by Kevin Macleod

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  1. politowic says:

    Nice vid. I rated your video too. Check out my videos on auto detailing and tell me what you think.


  2. Hallsy01 says:

    Is the video speeded up, or normal time? Your passes seem quite fast. I tend to move a lot slower when cutting paint, but I’m no expert, so could well be doing it wrong!

  3. ToddDavis5050 says:

    Thanks for the info. If you have time, check out my video. I would like some input on what I am doing wrong. Great finish on your Yukon – keep up the good work.

  4. blkyukon says:

    I used a Lake Country Orange and white pads. As far as the grey/blue pads, I’ve used them on occasion with a finishing polish on softer paints to help remove the micromarring

  5. blkyukon says:

    I’m sorry you think this is a bad examlpe but this demo, as stated, is showing how to remove swirls/spiderweb type marring in the paint…not on how to wetsand your finish.

  6. myco90 says:

    bad example. finish still has orange peal in that last ‘after’ shot. try a color sand 1500-2000 b4 compounding and polish next time.

  7. ToddDavis5050 says:

    What did you use for your regular and finishing polish?
    Would you recommend a grey or blue pad with the finishing polish?


  8. bansheeboi2000 says:

    most cars have a clear coat finish and the wax or polish never touches the paint

  9. blkyukon says:

    All the products I used in this video are clear coat safe

  10. itsmecodyp says:

    are all of your products clear coat safe?

  11. iamxeddiex says:

    thats why you need a blunt half way=)

  12. Irkie500 says:

    depending on how bad the paint was and the size of the vehicle anywhere from 4-8 hours maybe longer.

  13. yojimbo2006 says:

    lol nice vid. how long does it take to do the whole car? I would get sooooooo bored!

  14. RyanLangz says:

    well done how to, im looking at getting a PC 7424 myself and am clueless when it comes to what polishes and pads to buy that will cover the maajority of paint conditions and not spend an arm and a leg on multiple polishes that wont get used .

  15. miicckky says:

    Excellent work!By the way, how many polishes maximum can the stock paint take? I mean it looks like it took a lot of paint away. How often should the work be done?

  16. g18fst says:

    As usual suberb demo and advice

  17. LoveThyPitBull says:

    Great how-to video. I picked up some SIP/106FF from autogeek and was blown away by the results. I used a UDM 5.5 low pro light cutting pad and a white 5” CCS LC pad. FLAWLESS results better then what I could get with Optimum.

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