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How to Revive a Dead Rechargeable Battery

Has four actions to revive dead battery, such as the laptop battery. Time is a rechargeable battery will lose its ability to continue, no fee will be more. This happens because the overhead, which makes the other very hot or very cold, and many. You can think that can not be downloaded, you need to recycle and they just buy newbattery. Instead, follow these steps for reviving the battery with a low dose and high-capacity and low voltage drops quickly to life.

The tools you need

* Dead Battery
* Multimeter
* Welding
* Insulated gloves
* Safety glasses

Step 1. Check the battery levels

First, check the equipment that recharges the  MAKITA Power Tools Battery to ensure that they are the reason why the battery does not recharge. Otherwise, you will need to verify the multi-battery. In most cases, the reading indicates that the effort was much lower than what it says on the screen. If you have a battery backup for one, you can use this measure to determine the power of the battery must be after the resurrection of the dead.

Step 2. Review equipment levels

Welding test your multi to ensure that the AC  adapter, and is also used to check if the gun is positive or negative. Welding may sometimes be a control that is polarized is the opposite of what you need to perform several key special welding until you said you did about 30 volts.

Step 3 Stop the battery

This procedure can be very dangerous, because it uses a high voltage at this point. Bosch drill with the battery dead, and be sure to use insulated gloves and goggles, welding, press the end of its positive state and the state batterywhile end of the negative terminal of the battery negative. When using this technique, you did not solder the battery. Just click at the end of welding and battery and a positive shock to see the sparks, if done correctly. What is this valid for a large number of the current cell, dendrite is vaporized, such as gearboxes. You can also use this same technology is the battery, which can be worn, which separates the shell to obtain cells. Then the tool materials employed and sand are then welded or a car battery.

Step 4. Test Battery

Now, when the battery is replaced once the program you use, you will see that Hitachi Drill Battery will be much better than that used to be. Although the application of the starter battery will also have consequences. And from other dendritic say will be far behind, and the materials were evaporated now permeated material separation, which makes the resistance that can short plates. The cell can be reduced and will be charged with support for the poor.


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Gilmour Hedge Shear 938

  • Strong, oval aluminum handles for durability
  • Cushioned ergonomic grips
  • Lighter weight reduces fatigue
  • Blade notch for larger branches
  • 10 inch blade with an overall length of 23 inches

Product Description
Shape your hedges with ease using the Gilmour Hedge Shears. Designed for strength and durability, these heavy duty hedge shears are easy to grasp and comfortable to hold with cushioned ergonomic grip handles. Precision ground stainless steel blades provide reliable and lasting cutting power with shock absorbing bumpers for easier use and a blade notch for larger branches. The angled handles increase comfort and performance while the lighter weight reduces fatigue w… More >>

Gilmour Hedge Shear 938

Nelson Smart Watering Oscillating Sprinkler 50982

  • Rectangular spray pattern up to 3,600 sq. ft
  • Patent pending DUOCYLL motor technology reduces wind exposure up to 40 percent
  • Tr-channel spray tube with 19 Precision Flow spray jets for superior water distribution and coverage
  • Premium impact-resistant base
  • Ergo metal swivel coupling

Product Description
Eco-friendly Smart Watering oscillators reduce water loss and maximize watering efficiency. 20% slower oscillation speed maximizes water soak-in and minimizes water run-off. The innovative tri-channel spray tube distributes water at 40% lower height, reducing water loss and putting it where you need it. The rectangular spray pattern covers up to 3,600 square feet and the patent pending Duocyll motor technology reduces wind exposure up to 40%. The tri-channel spr… More >>

Nelson Smart Watering Oscillating Sprinkler 50982

Advertise Your Real Estate Property Online With Major Search Engines

The Internet is the most convenient way to search for real estate properties and also to advertise your land and property online. Since Google owns Youtube, Google is the world’s biggest search engine tool that people will use for searching for real estate or land online, so it is important that you rank really well with Google so your property listings get seen by a mass amount of people.

When you are doing a search on internet for properties, you are probably using a major search engine like Google. These search engines are what can help your online advertising efforts really work. There are ways that you can find a listing of all of the available search engines to advertise on, to see what is best for your budget. One of the first things that you are going to need to do is learn about pay per click advertising. You can use this method to generate traffic to your website. By placing ads on search engines, users will click on the ad and be taken to your website and the cool thing is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad and actually goes to your website.

In order to get the best results with advertising on the search engine sites, you need to use SEO keywords that the search engines notice and will generate your listings on the results pages. These SEO keywords can be used in the content on your web pages. The more keywords that you use, the better your chances of getting good search engine rankings. When running a PPC campaign it is also important that your website contain keywords and relevant content. The search engine will actually give you a discount if your ads and landing page is highly relevant to your keywords.

Social networking websites are another excellent way to advertise real estate online and reach a lot of buyers. Social networking website’s are a good tool to connect people together and a place for people with things in common to go online, chat and connect. You can also use social networks to meet new friends and join groups of other potential sellers, or buyers. There are many different social networking website’s that you can join, and each one can bring you new insight and tips into selling real estate. The more types of online advertising that you try, the better results you can see with your properties and the more buyers you are going to be able to reach. Social networking website’s like Facebook is one of the best online advertising tool and effective way to advertise your real estate and property online. People look at all different kinds of things online, so the more places that you place your ads, the more you are going to be recognized online.

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Gilmour Turbine Rotor Sprinkler With Metal Spike Base 200MMS

  • Multi-stream nozzle provides even coverage
  • Easily adjusts to cover a full or partial circle
  • Super quiet water driven turbine motor for extra-long life
  • Inpact resistant, rustproof polymer construction
  • Water coverage up to 4000 sq. ft.

Product Description
Turbine rotor sprinklers offer coverage of up to 4000 sq. ft. and a multi stream nozzle that provides even coverage. The rotor head features a super quiet water driven turbine motor for full or partial circle coverage up to 70 ft. diameter. Works at water pressures ranging from 15 PSI to 150 PSI and is made of an impact resistant, rustproof polymer with a heavy-duty die cast metal triple spike base with foot step…. More >>

Gilmour Turbine Rotor Sprinkler With Metal Spike Base 200MMS

Bosch 12V Litheon Cordless I Driver PS10B

Product Description
Bosch 80 in. lbs. of torque drives 100 3 inch screws per battery charge. Ultra compact head length total head length 3 times shorter than most popular competitor. 90 degree articulating head rotates and locks into five positions for increased versatility. 7+1 electronic clutch precision driving eliminates over torque in soft base materials. Drill mode allows pilot and other small bore holes. Forward/Reverse button equally useful at driving or removing screws. Quick … More >>

Bosch 12V Litheon Cordless I Driver PS10B

Princess Auto

Company Overview

Princess Auto Ltd. (PAL) is a Canadian retailer with its Home Office based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. As of 2009, the Company owns and operates 32 Retail Stores coast to coast. Supporting its Retail Stores are two Distribution Centres located in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Milton, Ontario. Princess Auto also offers online sales and a National Mail Order Service and operates a Manufacturing Division in Winnipeg.

Princess Auto Manufacturing (PAM) builds hydraulic cylinders and assembles items such as air compressors, chemical sprayers and log splitters that are distributed and sold through its retail locations. The Manufacturing Division also makes products for customers in the Original Equipment Marketplace (OEM), including the Canadian military and Zamboni.

Store Brands

There are several items that are produced specifically for or sold only by Princess Auto. Princess Auto signature line of hand tools and hobby tools are sold under the brand name Power Fist. Power Fist tools are manufactured in developing nations such as China, and were originally not built under a very stringent quality control program like higher quality tools were, contributing to their low cost. Recent developments in the Power Fist Tool line have resulted in quality control and higher product standards. The company has undertaken a shift in product focus and is now offering national brand names such as Hitachi, DeWalt, Milwaukee and Bosch to complement the Power Fist product line. Shur-Lift is the brand name used by Princess Auto Manufacturing for its line of hydraulic cylinders. Princess Auto is the sole Canadian dealer for BLB Hydraulic products, a hydraulic valve and accessory company based in Italy.

Corporate Culture

At Princess Auto, employees are referred to as Team Members, and Managers are referred to as Leaders. For example, a Store Manager is referred to as the “Store Leader”, and an Assistant Manager as an “Assistant Leader”.

Princess Auto operates on a ustomer is always right principle, indicated in their oyal Service Promise that o Sale is Final Until Youe Satisfied.


In 1942, a Winnipeg truck driver reluctantly sold his 3 ton truck. He wandered into an auto wrecking shop on Princess Street and was told he could buy the business for the price of his truck.

The truck driver became the owner of a business, and that was how Mr. Harvey Tallman bought Princess Auto Wrecking. Soon, employees were hired; they stripped parts off cars and sold these parts to local garages. This is the origin of the company name. These days, Princess Auto has little to do with automotive parts.

When World War II ended, many army surplus items were available. Princess Auto expanded into buying and selling these items. Purchasing surplus hydraulic cylinders led to the manufacturing of truck hoists. A good buy on aircraft tires led to manufacturing wagons. The Company gradually expanded into the manufacture of farm and industrial machinery.

When Japan had settled down to become a friendly, industrial country, a nation ready and willing to sell its products, Princess Auto saw another opportunity, purchasing goods in Japan and marketing these goods in Canada.

By far the greatest number of items purchased came from the USA. Many buying trips into the United States led to thousands of items now for sale at Princess Auto. All of these were listed in a catalogue. These catalogues were sent to every province in Canada.

Harvey Tallman retired in 1976. His sons, Larry and Bob, began a new period of expansion. This expansion started with the first retail store opened in 1977 in Edmonton, Alberta.

In 1979, the demand for Princess Auto manufactured products had grown so much a new factory was built next to the Home Office in Winnipeg. The factory continues to be an integral part of operations.

When Larry Tallman retired in 1989, Bob Tallman took over as president of the company.

In 2005, Bob Tallman became the sole owner of Princess Auto Ltd. by purchasing all the shares in the company from his siblings.

In 2007, Bob Tallman announced that he would be stepping down as CEO of the company, remaining as Chairman and full owner of the company. Chief Financial Officer Harold Romanychyn and President Moe Claude were appointed as the new o-CEOs of Princess Auto.

In 2008, Co-CEO and President Moe Claude left the company and Bob Tallman again became CEO of the company, sharing the role with Harold Romanychyn. Romanychyn acts as financial officer and Tallman focuses on marketing and communications.

In 2009 Mark Breslauer, Senior Vice President – Marketing and Retail Operations and Paul Smith, Senior Vice President of Supply Chain Management joined the executive team.

In January 2010 Brendon Boland is appointed CFO, Harold Romanychyn is appointed COO and owner Bob Tallman remains CEO.

Chronology of Store Openings

1977 Edmonton, AB

1978 Saskatoon, SK

1979 Calgary, AB

1981 Regina, SK

1982 Kelowna, BC

1985 Lethbridge, AB and Grande Prairie, AB

1986 London, ON and Brandon, MB

1988 Mississauga, ON and Red Deer, AB

1989 Portage Avenue and a new store on Panet Road in Winnipeg, MB

1990 Kitchener, ON

1993 Ottawa, ON

1995 Dartmouth, NS

1996 Hamilton, ON

1998 Langley, BC

1999 Barrie, ON

2000 Moncton, NB

2002 Whitby, ON

2003 Coquitlam, BC and Prince George, BC

2004 Lloydminster, AB

2006 St. John, NF, Kingston, ON, Windsor, ON and Sarnia, ON

2008 South Calgary, AB, South Edmonton, AB, Newmarket, ON and Winnipeg, MB*, Regina SK, and Ottawa,ON

2008 Home office was expanded into the previous Panet Road store building, and will include a Museum

2009 – Sudbury, ON and a renovated store in Mississauga, ON

* The existing Panet Road store was relocated to a 40,000-square-foot (3,700 m2) building next door to the Home office in Winnipeg.

External links

Princess Auto Official Website

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Nelson Tripod Base Pulsating Sprinkler 50226

  • Large Rezimar head has a circular spray pattern up to 90 feet in diameter
  • Metal tripod base adjustable up to 48 inches in height
  • Easy twist-and-turn adjustable length legs and metal extension tubes for maximum height adjustments
  • Metal leg spikes for stability
  • Ergo metal swivel coupling

Product Description
Pulsating sprinklers are known for their unique �ch-ch-ch� whirring sound. The pulsating sprinkler features an adjustable circular spray pattern covering 85 to 90 foot diameter. Ideal for flower and vegetable gardens. Metal tripod base adjustable up to 48 inches in height…. More >>

Nelson Tripod Base Pulsating Sprinkler 50226

Gilmour Pattern Master Impulse Sprinkler on Polymer Sled Base 196TPB

  • Built-in timer
  • Automatically shuts water off
  • Dial selects up to 2 hours of watering
  • “On” setting for continuous watering
  • Wide, heavy-duty polymer sled base

Product Description
For a beautiful garden and lawn, proper watering is essential. At Gilmour, we offer a wide range of watering tools that make the job a pleasure. No matter the size or shape of your lawn, Gilmour has a sprinkler to fit your needs. In fact, Pattern Master Models can even be customized to fit the shape of your lawn. No more water on the patio furniture! Unique, adjustable sprinklers that water virtually any shape lawn without wasting water. Did you know that sprinkl… More >>

Gilmour Pattern Master Impulse Sprinkler on Polymer Sled Base 196TPB

Fantasy Football IDP Week 5 – Pickups – Drops

Now that a quarter of the NFL football season is behind us, injuries and bye weeks will play a crucial role in fantasy leagues including IDPs. Let’s take a look at players who are worth picking up to start and/or for depth as well as guys who should be dropped from your team. presents Drew’s weekly IDP list for week 5 of Fantasy Football …

Defensive Lineman – DL – DT – DE – NT

Players to Add

Osi Umenyiora, New York Giants – It’s almost a no-brainer to pick up Umenyiora, who is owned in only 67 percent of ESPN leagues, after the dominant display he and the Giants put on against Chicago when he notched three sacks and a pair of forced fumbles. Osi is a proven producer and will have a great year if he can avoid the injury bug which made him sit out the entire 2008 season, the only year in which he missed significant time.

Tamba Hali, Kansas City Cheifs – Matching up against the Colts this weekend doesn’t make him a great fantasy play because Peyton Manning rarely holds the ball too long, but his three sacks on San Francisco’s Alex Smith in Week 3 was impressive. Hali is very good when healthy and can rack up sacks in bunches, especially against average offensive lines. The fact that he is being used a 3-4 outside linebacker/defensive end is a good thing because it will allow him more opportunities for tackles to go with the sacks he is capable of getting.

Ndamukong Suh, Detroit Lions – Keep your eyes peeled to see how this highly-touted rookie continues to develop in the coming weeks. Suh has 15 total tackles (13 solo) and three sacks through four games and Space is the limit for this guy who has the power and quickness to be a Hall of Famer. Owned in less than 50 percent of ESPN leagues, he will add depth with the strong possibility of becoming an automatic start every week in most formats.

Players to Drop

DETROIT – SEPTEMBER 19: Kyle Vanden Bosch of the Detroit Lions watches the video replay during the game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Ford Field on September 19, 2010 in Detroit, Michigan. The Eagles defeated the Lions 35-32. (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)Kyle Vanden Bosch, Detroit Lions – He hasn’t done much at all after racking up 17 total tackles (12 solo) and 1.5 sacks combined in the first two games of the season. He should have decent tackle stats by year’s end, but don’t expect him to rank very high in sacks. To be considered an IDP stud a player must provide consistent production week-to-week no matter the matchup and Vanden Bosch won’t give you that.

Aaron Kampman, Jacksonville Jaguars – The production in Week 1 was promising when he recorded 1.5 sacks and a handful of hits on Kyle Orton. The last three games have been below-average efforts in the stat sheet. As the primary pass rusher he will draw the double teams a chip blocks from running backs and he isn’t a guy that racks up a ton of tackles. Don’t hesitate to look into other options.

Linebackers – LB – OLD – MLB – ILB

Players to Add

James Anderson, Carolina Panthers – A favorite rapper of mine once said, “If you don’t know, now you know.” I’m telling you the same thing about Anderson, who through four games has 45 total tackles (34 solo), a sack and a pick while owned in less than 20 percent of ESPN leagues. He is now in his fifth season, all with Carolina, and is coming into his own as the team’s strong side linebacker and Jon Beason playing the weak side. The defensive unit will likely see extended action in upcoming games if the offense continues to sputter while adjusting to a rookie quarterback at the helm combined with the ineffective rushing attack.

Chad Greenway, Minnesota Vikings – You can expect a consistent source of tackles every game even though it would be nice to see him get to the quarterback more often. Greenway has 29 total tackles (22 solo) in three games as the Vikings come off their bye week, but he hasn’t registered a sack since 2008 when he had five. He is owned in less than 40 percent of ESPN leagues and will be a great option to fill in for bye weeks and provide depth.

Rocky McIntosh, Washington Redskins – It’s been a couple years in the making, but McIntosh has blossomed into quite a talent in his fifth year out of the University of Miami which produced other linebackers like Ray Lewis, Jonathan Vilma, D.J. Williams and the aforementioned Beason. McIntosh will follow suit and will notch over 110 total tackles this season but won’t contribute many sacks or interceptions.

Player to Drop

Rolando McClain, Oakland Raiders – The Raiders’ most recent first-round draft pick is overrated and owned in over 60 percent of ESPN leagues. Owners are expecting too much of McClain this year because he possesses the tools to be a top-10 linebacker in the future after getting some games under his belt.

Defensive Backs – DB – CB – S – FS – SS

Players to Add

Pat Chung, New England Patriots – The second-year pro is quickly making a name for himself on defense and on special teams after a monster game, two blocked kicks and a pick six against the Dolphins on Monday night. I took notice after his Week 1 performance when he tallied 16 total tackles (12 solo) and now I’m sold because of his big-play ability. Someone needs to step up and lead that young Patriots’ secondary and Chung looks to be playing himself into that role.

Donte Whitner, Buffalo Bills – Owners shouldn’t expect many turnovers but can count on tackles-a-plenty. Whitner notched double-digits in tackles the past two games and the Bills’ defense figures to spend a load of time on the field without much of an offense to give them time to rest. The Bills may be on the verge of a fire-sale trying to unload players for draft picks and Whitner may be on the market. He is a great option to start for your team as it stands now as the standout in that secondary.

T.J. Ward, Cleveland Browns – Like Chung, Ward is a former Oregon Duck with above-average tackling ability but lacks the same ball-hawk abilities. Rely on him for over 110 total tackles on an improving Cleveland defense. T.J. Ward is owned in less than 25 percent of ESPN leagues.

Player to Drop

Champ Bailey, Denver Broncos – The top cornerback on the defense will hardly see enough passes thrown his way to make any kind of fantasy impact. Interceptions don’t happen often enough to be relied upon as a main source of points from an IDP player, they need to notch tackles. Bailey is a future Hall of Famer but not someone you want on your fantasy team, period.

Brandon Meriweather, New England Patriots – He was supposed to take over the leadership role of the defensive backs in New England and that hasn’t happened at least on the stat sheet. Meriweather’s numbers have always been inconsistent and injuries have slowed him plenty in his career. It’s time to hop off the bus and find a more consistent and durable option.

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